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Introduction Kelly Benavides is a  former City of Houston prosecutor and your trusted Houston criminal attorney , and is very familiar with the procedures and laws regarding all types of city violations including traffic ticket defense, hot check defense an can lift and remove your warrants .


It is a criminal defense attroney who represents peaple charged with criminal offenses in Harris and surrounding countries PROTECTING YOUR INTERESTS


Houston DWI Attorney Houston DWI Attorney Kelly Benavides It can help you protect all of your rights. Being charged with a DWI in Texas does not mean you’re guilty of drunk driving. You need a highly qualified and skilled attorney to fight for you every step of the way. You never thought it could happen to you, and now you find yourself facing charges which can be a very scary feeling.

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Divorce When handling a divorce for our clients we can clearly explain all issues involved, such as child custody, support and visitation as well as all issues related to property division. us for a consultation on your case.  Child Custody Cases We can help establish child custody, visitation and support and explain the rights and duties of each parent with regard to their children. Family law

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If you or a loved one have been injured due to someone’s negligence, you know the pain of how your life can be turned upside-down in the blink of an eye. You may find yourself out of work, with medical pills piling up. The insurance company is probably giving you the cold, unsympathetic shoulder. You do not have to let them treat you this way. You have legal rights! Call the Benavides Law Firm today! I am always here to help, with a sympathetic ear and consultations are always free. I will review your information and documents, and help you understand your rights regarding insurance coverage. Personal-injury

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traffic-ticket s The Benavides Law Firm handles all types of traffic ticket offenses in the city of Houston and throughout Harris county and surrounding counties.Some of the most common are speeding tickets, red light tickets, running a stop sign,accidents , bad/hot checks, no insurance and no/suspended driver’s license tickets and many more

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Contact us USA country Houston city Mob. :- (713) 226-7889 Attorney Works at: Professional Associations • State Bar of Texas

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