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Living history days Smith-Mcdowell house:

Living history days Smith- Mcdowell house A project of the Western North Carolina Historical Association TEACHERS GUIDE

Be sure your students watch the student version slide show!!:

Be sure your students watch the student version slide show!!


Welcome!! Your students are in for a real treat!! Please have them watch the Living History Days presentation so they can learn about what they will be experiencing at Smith-McDowell House. You will want to watch it, too! This presentation will give you information about some of the educational details of your visit so that you can enjoy your day, feeling confident that you know what’s going on!!


Paperwork… You have already made your reservation by emailing to our Education Coordinator, Lisa Whitfield. She has assigned you with your choice of Thursday or Friday and has sent you your assigned time for your House Tour. Please read through all those materials carefully. There are driving directions and lots more.

Once you arrive on the AB Tech campus:

Once you arrive on the AB Tech campus New traffic pattern for unloading… Turn at the traffic light at Fernihurst Dr. There is a pullout just past the big building. Then bus can take the next right and park in the back parking lot. Come toward the House and you’ll see the green umbrella to check in. Also labeled on this map is the building where the bathroom facilities are. Make sure the students are accompanied by an adult.

FINd the check – in table…:

FINd the check – in table… Look for the green umbrella and the table. Lisa should be there. You can bring a check, cash or credit card. Please have admission money included in that payment if you have more than the 4 free chaperones (they are $3 each). If you need a receipt, it will be run once we have everyone checked in. We will try to have it at the door when you come in for your House Tour. You will receive a brochure and extras for chaperones.

Take a “walk-around”:

Take a “walk-around” If you don’t have to be at the back door for your tour right away, it’s a good idea to take a “walk-around” with your class to familiarize them with the layout of the area. North side porch East side 2-story porch

The south side of the hosue:

The south side of the hosue Crafters and activities are here, as well as in the front yard. Point out the solarium or sun-room (added in 1881). Walk through the opening in the trellis to the flagstone patio. This is the door you will enter for your Tour.

The West side of the house:

The West side of the house This little building is the Dependency. It is an 1840s structure and was originally a salt-curing house. There may or may not be an activity here. Watch for a sign.

Crafters and demonstrators…:

Crafters and demonstrators… Some crafters will have hands-on activities for the students, some may not. Plan on about 10 – 15 minutes with most of them. You can always come back if the students have more questions. We really appreciate these folks who come as volunteers to share their knowledge and love of history with students!

Hands-on chores and old timey games:

Hands-on chores and old timey games The youngsters guiding these activities are part of our SMH over History club (a chapter of the Tar Heel jr Historians Association). They work very hard to prepare for your visit and will be at BOTH days. Please make sure your students treat them with respect and also to take care with the artifacts they are using. Many of our items are antique and would be difficult to replace. If the students are not there to help your class, please find something else to do and come back a little later.


HANDS ON ACTIVITY AREAS Areas in the Hands on section include: * Games (jump rope, horseshoes & bean bag tic tac toe.) *Corn Grinding and Shelling * Butter making and kitchen chores (butter, egg beater, sifter, coffee grinder) * Clothes washing (scrub board, washer, plunger) *History’s Mysteries Please treat these stations as FIVE separate activity areas, meaning, if there are students already in a station, wait until they are finished before sending your class in. (Notice the grass markings)

Your house tour…:

Your house tour… Please be at the back door (the one on the east side where the flagstone patio is) at least 10 minutes before your assigned House Tour time. There may be a bit of a wait, so be patient.

If you have any questions…:

If you have any questions… Email: education@wnchistory.org (I am in office Thursday, Friday and Saturday) Call: 828-253-9231 (We are closed Sunday – Tuesday) Website: www.wnchistory.org

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