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MB6-890 is an Microsoft Dynamics AX exam braindumps. Braindumpskey provide MB6-890 new PDF questions with MB6-890 sample questions from here you can get better idea about MB6-890 exam. If you want to pass MB6-890 exam then you should taking study guide for MB6-890 Dumps Questions from braindumpskey.com. braindumps had the up-to-date exam preparation material for the MB6-890 exam questions answers which had been verified by the Microsoft professionals. You can download MB6-890 dumps by clicking on this link: https://www.braindumpskey.com/exam/MB6-890.html


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MB6-890 Exam Dumps PDF Questions Answers

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2 https://www.braindumpskey.com/exam/MB6-890.html Here are Some Real MB6-890 Exam Questions

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3 https://www.braindumpskey.com/exam/MB6-890.html Q: - You need to add a menu item to a list page. To which pane should you add the menu item A. Preview B. Action C. Filter D. Fact Box Correct Answer: B

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4 https://www.braindumpskey.com/exam/MB6-890.html Q: - You enable a feature for a Dynamics AX instance. What should you use A. An extensible data security XDS policy B. A configuration key C. The Table Permissions Framework TPF D. A security key Correct Answer: B

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5 https://www.braindumpskey.com/exam/MB6-890.html Q: - You have a table that contains invoices.You need to create a Fact Box that displays the number of invoices in the table. Which type of Fact Box should you use A. form part B. cue group C. cue D. info part Correct Answer: D

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6 https://www.braindumpskey.com/exam/MB6-890.html Q: - Which three types of components can be customized by using the Morph X development environment A. Dynamics AX security roles B. Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal pages C. Dynamics AX client forms D. Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS reports E. Dynamics AX tables Correct Answer: A C E

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7 https://www.braindumpskey.com/exam/MB6-890.html Q: - You have a Dynamics AX development environment. You need to delete the data in a specific table manually. What should you use A. the Type hierarchy browser B. the Delete Actions of the table C. the Code profiler D. The Table Browser Correct Answer: D

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8 THANKS https://www.braindumpskey.com/exam/MB6-890.html Any Questions

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