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All ponds will benefit from aeration, this is a fact. There are a few variables that will determine what type of aeration will give you the best results in your situation and value for your money. Many factors determine how oxygen saturated your water is. aerator/ Pond Size Pond Depth Pond Shape Power? ADDRESS Smith Creek Fish Farm 5540 Route 362 Bliss, NY 14024 PHONE : 5853227805 Website :


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POND LAKE DYE  FOR SALE IN NEW YORK Clear blue ponds add peace and serenity to your landscape giving you a relaxing place to take a walk sit by the water or even have a swim. Ponds with muddy murky waters are much less attractive and can even become an eyesore. Smith Creek Fish Farms supplies pond and lake dye for sale that you can safely add to your water feature. Blue and black dyes will not only add a clarifying tint to your water but will also cover the appearance of mud or algae. Blue dyes are especially useful for lakes or ponds that are part of the landscape and are viewed from afar such as lakes or ponds around golf courses. Blue dye gives the water a clear clean appearance without having to constantly add clarifying agents to the water.  Black dye gives the water a darker tint covering the appearance of mud and algae and making the surface more opaque and reflective.  Blue dyes can be used in ponds and lakes or smaller features like fountains while black dyes are better suited for larger water features. When used appropriately blue and black dyes will both dissolve in the water and will not harm fish plants animals or people and will not stain clothing or skin.  w w w . s m i t h c r e e k f i s h f a r m . c o m

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