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What are the 5 spices? SPICES is an acronym for the spiritual, physical, intellectual, career, emotional, and social components of health. Maintaining balance among the SPICES is key to a healthy and happy lifestyle! What is stress? Stress is anything that causes bodily or mental tension. Your body’s immediate response to stress includes: Increased heart and breathing rates. Elevated blood pressure. Increased voluntary muscle tension. A change in stomach and intestinal secretions.


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        When do you need to stack your SPICE rack? -during finals time -after going through a personal traumatic experience -when there are a lot of projects due -during registration -when considering changing majors -after a break-up -ToDaY!        


  Spiritual What is Spiritual Wellness? -possessing a set of guiding beliefs and values that give meaning and purpose to life. -possessing the capacity for love, compassion, forgiveness, altruism, joy, and fulfillment.

How can I show my Spiritual side?: 

How can I show my Spiritual side? Prayer Smile often Reflect Immerse yourself in the community Practice your religion Learn a new hobby According to USA Today, a high degree of spirituality correlates with high self-esteem and feeling good about the way life is headed!


  Physical The physical spice involves eating well, exercising, and making responsible decisions about your body. How can I make sure I am taking care of my body? Exercise (2-3 times per week) Keep up with doctor and dentist appointments Avoid substances and harmful habits Recognize signs and symptoms of disease Sleep (7-8 hours zzzz) Assess physical health


According to The American College Health Association, sleeping difficulties ranked third among students’ top 10 impediments to academic performance, so be sure to catch some Z’s to earn some A’s!


Intellectual Think critically. Be open to new ideas. Ask questions. Master new skills. Have a sense of humor. Be creative and curious. Continually seek out and relish new experiences and challenges. Learn new skills from a job or school. Laugh at yourself often. Challenge yourself to conquer fears.

How can I accomplish my career goals?: 

How can I accomplish my career goals? Prevent burnout. Make sure you are satisfied with your major. Seek out learning experiences. Ask for assistance. Resist a 24 hour work commitment. Always look to learn new skills. Enjoy coursework. Be energetic and enthusiastic about the future. Career


  Emotional   How to maintain the emotional spice: Maintain a positive attitude- life is 90% attitude. Monitor and explore your thoughts and feelings. Make time for yourself- EVERYDAY. Seek out new relationships. Be a good friend, brother, sister, etc. Listen to others intently. DREAM. Let loose and be yourself!


-Maintain balance in your relationships and personal life. -Meet and keep friends. -Stay in contact with your family. -Limit alcohol use. -Communicate your feelings to others. -HUG. -Get involved. SOCIAL


  Feeling Social? -Join a club. Villanova has over 160 student organizations! -Go explore Philly! Grab a cheese steak or walk along Penn’s Landing. -Check out a comedy club, jazz club, or dance club.

Don’t Forget About Life’s Natural Highs : 

Don’t Forget About Life’s Natural Highs Falling in love, laughing so hard that your face hurts, hugging the person you love, getting mail, a hot shower, no lines in a store, a special glance, listening to the rain, hearing your favorite song on the radio, chocolate milkshakes, hot towels out of the dryer, giggling, a good conversation, finding a $20 bill in your coat from last winter, laughing at an inside joke, waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep, going to a really good concert, going to the beach    

Keep the Pep in your step!: 

Keep the Pep in your step! All of the spices are key ingredients to help you manage your stress. The key is to plan, anticipate, and keep ahead of the stressors. Identify what triggers your stress. Prepare yourself if stressors are present: set limits, tell someone, organize time better, have positive thoughts. Relax, exercise, eat balanced meals and get enough sleep.


How to Decrease Stress During Finals Week Prioritize Some tasks are monumentally more important than others. It is important to do these tasks first while you have more time and are in a better frame of mind. Packing for Christmas break may be more fun than studying for that final, but if you don’t keep up with studying now you may have a stress reaction later and become quite overwhelmed.

Healthy Lifestyles = LESS STRESS: 

Healthy Lifestyles = LESS STRESS General health and stress resistance can be enhanced by regular exercise, a diet rich in a variety of whole grains, veggies, and fruits, and by avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco. Exercise is a healthy way to distract yourself from stressful events. The heart and circulation are able to work harder for longer stretches of time to fight stress in people who are physically active.


Study Skill Tips: Clarify your goals. Take frequent breaks. (when reading a textbook it is recommended that you stop every 15 minutes for optimal information retention!) Know your biorhythms. Study at times that are good for you- when you are most efficient/awake/energized). Make lists of things you have to do. Meet with your professors if you have questions.


Effective Time Management Organization is key to developing effective time management skills. The first step to being organized is to understand how you use your time. One way to do this is to keep a daily log of everything that you do in a week (eat, sleep, study, go out). Once you figure out how you spend your time you will be able to plan how to use it more effectively.


Steps to Effective Time Management: Identify fixed commitments such as classes, meetings, and activities. Set aside some personal time. Use your experience to set realistic goals for what you can accomplish in a given amount of time. Schedule regular study times. Know what times of day you study best. Use these times for tasks that involve a lot of concentration. Use your “down times” for work that is less intense. Schedule time for physical exercise, recreation, and social activities. Keep your schedule flexible! Many experts advise allowing two hours of unscheduled time in a 24 hour period. Try not to be discouraged by what you are unable to accomplish!


Stress Busters/Breaks During Studying Students often resort to food as a means to reduce stress or as a reward for studying. Routine use of food to cope with stress can lead to poor nutrition and extreme energy shifts. Learn to fight stress with a non-food stress buster. Play a game of solitaire. 15 minutes of mindless entertainment can be just the thing to re-energize you! Zone out: Create a stress free zone with meditative music, pillows and a comfy blanket. Go for a quick run, power walk, or workout at the gym. Step outside for a momentary change of scenery. Play a favorite CD. Practice deep breathing for a few minutes: Sit in a comfy chair. Inhale and exhale deeply allowing your abdomen to push in when you exhale and out when you inhale. Practice muscle relaxation techniques: Lay down. Tense each muscle as tightly as possible for 5 seconds and then release it completely. Begin with the head and progress downwards making sure to include the ears, eyes, mouth, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, chest, belly, thighs, calves, and feet.

6 Steps to a Stress Free Holiday:: 

6 Steps to a Stress Free Holiday: 1 Create realistic expectations It’s ok if everything isn’t perfect! If you worry about little details, you might miss out on the fun of the holiday. 2 Planning the holiday isn’t just one person’s responsibility, share the holiday joy by planning with family and friends. Decorate the house as a family or wrap gifts with friends! Delegate Responsibilities


3 Don’t go overboard eating and drinking!!! Enjoy the delicious holiday meals in moderation. This is a time to cut loose and relax but don’t forget to exercise! Take care of your body. 4 Create a new Holiday tradition Create a new tradition that builds connections among friends and family. Make a ritual of going out to breakfast on Christmas Eve Day or make cards for the family with a friend. 5 Volunteer to help others in need Spend some time helping out at the local soup kitchen. This will give you perspective and remind you of what is really important. 6 Remember to spread the holiday joy!

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