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Mergers and Acquisitions Merger A transaction where two firms agree to integrate their operations on a relatively coequal basis because they have resources and capabilities that together may create a stronger competitive advantage Acquisition A transaction where one firm buys another firm with the intent of more effectively using a core competence by making the acquired firm a subsidiary within its portfolio of businesses Takeover An acquisition where the target firm did not solicit the bid of the acquiring firm


Problems in Achieving Success Reasons for Acquisitions


Reasons for Acquisitions Example: Belgian-Dutch Fortis’ acquisition of American Banker’s Insurance Group Example: Watson Pharmaceuticals’ acquisition of TheraTech Example: British Petroleum’s acquisition of U.S. Amoco


Example: General Electric’s acquisition of NBC Example: Kraft Food’s acquisition of Boca Burger Example: CNET’s acquisition of mySimon Reasons for Acquisitions


Problems with Acquisitions Example: Marks and Spencer’s acquisition of Brooks Brothers Example: Intel’s acquisition of DEC’s semiconductor division Example: AgriBioTech’s acquisition of dozens of small seed firms


Example: Ford and Jaguar Example: Quaker Oats and Snapple Example: GE--prior to selling businesses and refocusing Problems with Acquisitions


Attributes of Effective Acquisitions


Attributes of Effective Acquisitions


Downscoping Reduced Debt Costs Downsizing Reduced Labor Costs Loss of Human Capital Lower Performance Alternatives Short-Term Outcomes Long-Term Outcomes Restructuring and Outcomes

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