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Myths and Facts:

Myths and Facts Clear the Myths & know the Facts about your Teeth & Gums! For more details visit

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Myth For more details visit Some dental conditions such as gum disease are completely natural, and visiting the dentist regularly will not stop it.


Fact For more details visit Gum disease is certainly not completely natural and unable to be avoided. It is the most common disease prevalent in oral environment. Gum disease is caused by a build up of dental plaque and by not brushing properly. This and other oral health problems can be avoided by visiting the dentist regularly.

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Myth For more details visit Teeth whitening is harmful as it can damage the enamel.


Fact For more details visit Modern methods of teeth whitening have minimal harmful effects. Nevertheless, one must remember that teeth whitening can not be recommended for many people, especially for those who have sensitive teeth, problematic enamel, underdeveloped tooth tissues, as well as for pregnant and nursing women.

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