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Myths and Facts:

Myths and Facts Clear the Myths & know the Facts about your Teeth & Gums! For more details visit

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Removal of Upper Teeth Affects Vision. Myth For more details visit


Fact For more details visit This is a misconception. Vision is not affected in any way by undertaking treatment of the upper teeth including its extraction.

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Myth For more details visit Root Canal Treatment Hurts


Fact For more details visit The perception of Root Canal Treatment being painful began decades ago when they were painful. Today, with modern technology and better anesthetics, Root Canal Treatments are no more painful. Knowing what to expect while having a Root Canal Treatment can help ease a lot of anxiety.

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About Smile Care Smile Care® has spearheaded the cause of modern dentistry in India through its multitude of activities in the field of dentistry. Smile Care® is involved in Clinical Services, Continuing Education, Clinical Research, Public Awareness and Scientific Publication in the field of dentistry and offers the synergistic benefit of these activities to all its clients. For more details visit

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Contact Details Smile Care Clinic Bandra, Vashi, Kolhapur Email: Tel: 91 -22-26400188 / 83 Fax 91-22-26416342 For more details visit

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Issued in Public Interest by For more details visit

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