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Taking an Cosmetology Course in Beirut, Bahrain, Lebanan can be the Ideal Choice for Anyone who is Consider Working in the Beauty Business and Industry. visit : Beautician Institute in Mauritius, Beirut, Bahrain , Advanced CIDESCO Certificate courses in Body Massage Therapy in Lebanan, Beirut, Bahrain


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ISAS BEAUTY ISAS, the first school in India to teach students with International cosmetic brands. Established with enviable concept to offer exceptional levels of support and guidance. Following traditional and International teaching methods with unique protocols students not only achieve professional qualifications but also benefit with impressive and rewarding career.


Nestled with private training facility we ensure that our courses are highly relevant and applicable to the industry. We together with a team aim to provide students a valuable head start in the industry. Fully equipped in house salons offers a perfect tranquil location with dedicated treatment rooms and are fashioned to replicate an actually working environment. Atmosphere of the school is warm, friendly and positive. We welcome you with an assurance of finest learning and experience like never before!!


Beautician Institute | Nail Art courses| Heena International Academy Course Content Hair Theory Parts of Hair Layers of Hair Types of Hair Hair Disorders Falling Hair Dandruff


Split end Shampooing & Conditioning Practical Henna Application Theory & Practical Blow Dry Practical Blow Drying on Different angles Roller Setting Practical Plastic Roller Setting Crimping, Ironing Practical Hair Styling Crown Management, Side Sweep, Centre Parting, Zigzag parting, Twisting Braids- Single strand , Course Content


Single Roll, Multiple roll. Hair Cuts Straight cut, U cut, Step cut Chemical Job Hair color Practical (Full Head color ) Skin Theory Structure of Skin Functions of Skin Types of Skin Massage Different types of massage Benefits Massage steps Practicals Course Content


Manicure Pedicure Waxing Threading Bleaching Facials Face Clean Up Basic Facial Brightening Facial Fruit Facial Purifying Facial Hand Henna Preparation and Practical Make Up Course Content


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