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JAI KISSAN HANDWORKS-An orginal world of craft : 

JAI KISSAN HANDWORKS-An orginal world of craft Presented by S.Saranya R.Janani K.sangeetha


JAI KISSAN HANDWORKS is a start up retail shop offering eco friendly products made from bamboo,rubber,paper,wood, clay,jute and so on.We are planning to locate our shop at T.NAGAR,CHENNAI catering to all group of consumers JAI KISSAN HANDWORKS is a sole proprietorship and seed company. In addition to the offering of unique products, unparallel customer service, quality, value will complement the customer experience. In year one we will move to open 3 branches in chennai and in 3rd year to open shop in 4 metropolitian cities. BUSINESS DESCRIPTION



Our products : 

Our products


VISION One day all artisans in the developing countries will earn a fair wage be treated with dignity and respect and be able to live a life of quality. To make the global presence. To start a separate manufacturing unit to give lives for rural people


MISSION The JAI KISSAN HANDWORKS is a shop for the quality- and style-conscious consumer. Providing unique, eclectic and affordable products we intend to generate a fair return to finance continued growth and expanded community involvement. Customer Creed JAI KISSAN HANDWORKS, through custom services, smart pricing and a sense of trust, it is our desire that you will look to us as your valued resource to achieve a personalized home environment. Employee Pledge Our employees will enjoy a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.


KEY TO SUCCESS SELL products that provide quality and value to the consumer while meeting needs for an expression of personal style. PROVIDE custom services such as in-store workshops and personalized promotions so that customers are retained to generate repeat purchases and make referrals. COMMUNICATE with our customer base through print magazine advertising, postcard mailings and via our website. ESTABLISH a visible, accessible and welcoming storefront and website to position us as the premier choice for our products and services within the marketplace and beyond. ENSURE through daily management practices the values JAI KISSAN HANDWORKS mission are followed so that a successful and growth-oriented business is developed and maintain.


MARKET DESCRIPTION The handicraft industry has seen an increase in demand in the past few years. More and more people are seeking out original handmade items that are functional and eye-catching. The JAIKISSAN HANDWORKS intends to target specific market segments to generate sales. BABY BOOMERS (age 38 to 56) still have kids at home, so they need bigger houses and possessions to put in those houses. Their affluence is reaching its highest level. GENERATION X (age 24 to 37) is thriftier than previous generations, very home-oriented, and prefers more free time to more money. ECHO BOOMERS (including people born between 1979 and 2005 - customers who have yet to be born!) will be the most affluent young generation ever (they have access to the Baby Boomers' money), and they grew up with technology.

Marketing research : 

Talk to people and analyse their needs and requirements Conduct surveys and focus groups Examine media to know about customers interest Check websites especially those in which customer share their views. Pay a visit to our competitor places of business Marketing research


Targeting our marketing efforts more effectively. Developing product offers and merchandising formats that will increase sales. Developing services that enhance the shopping experience. Training and developing sales associates in order to effectively service the customer. Increase awareness of jai kissan handworks within the retail consumer marketplace. Develop future sales opportunities that allow for continued growth of the business MARKETING STRATEGY



Sales promotion : 

Sales promotion Sampling Coupons Contest Sweepstakes Bonus packs Price-off Rebate Refund

Pricing strategy : 

Pricing strategy As we are beginners we introduces a penetration strategy i.e., entering in a market at low cost. So easily attract our customers.

Capital structure : 

The capital structure of the concern is given as below Capital structure


FINANCIAL OVERVIEW Break Even Analysis: A very conservative break even analysis is done. The following are the key points of the analysis: Estimated Fixed cost per month - Rs. 22,00,000 Estimated Variable Cost (in % of sales) - 60% of sales Break even sales per month - Rs. 55,00,000

Strength : 

Abundant and cheap labor hence can compete on price. Hand made and variety of products which are unique. Increasing emphasis on product development and design up gradation. Good alternate for plastic, leather Strength

Weakness : 

Now a days people like to use foreign made product rather than domestic product. Lack of awareness about ecofriendly product among people. Weakness


Competitive Risk Market Risk Operational Risk Economic Risk Financial Risk ASSESS THE RISK

competitors : 

Major competitors Poompuhar art gallery Central cottage industries emporium Rani arts Sruthi handwork emporium Amic ceremics Jute cottage competitors

CSR : 

CSR We will be sensitive towards monitoring the interest of the local population particularly with regards to the safeguarding of their traditions , culture and future development. We will practice a responsible attitude towards energy conservation in terms of the biodegradable and reusable.


CONCLUSION To become a global leader in our business. We want to grow along with our society by providing more employment opportunities to the brilliant minds of our country.

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