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Pink slip management in Employee life cycle : 

Pink slip management in Employee life cycle Ppppppppppppppppp Presented by S.Saranya

Pink slip : 

Pink slip Pink slip (employment) an American term that refers to being fired or laid off from one's job. 'Pink Slip' is a term originated from US and became popular in mid-2000 when over 80,000 jobs were lost in one day and the nomenclature ‘pink slip’ was used. Because, that time the letter of discharge along with full and final payment to those workers/employees was handed over to them in an envelope which was Pink in colour. Thus the practice of discharging someone's services in US is known as handing over a 'Pink Slip'.

Employee life cycle : 

Employee life cycle

Pink slip list : 

Pink slip list

Role of HR manager in managing pink slip : 

Role of HR manager in managing pink slip Associate with line managers in executing retrenchment &retention strategies. Be voice for employees with top management and find solutions Enhancing retained employees productivity. Compensate employees for quality output

Pink slip management : 

Pink slip management Accept the possibility of receiving pink slip. Saving for rainy days Cutback on superflous expenses Search for an alternative job

conclusion : 

conclusion People should develop the confidence till find an alternative job. People will not be taken by surprise if B-schools are often introducing layoff management or pink slip management as electives.

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