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CRISIS MANAGEMENT Presented by S.Saranya


CRISIS CRISIS is defined as situation that is unpredictable but it is not unexpected. Crisis manifest in to disasters

Common features of a crisis : 

Common features of a crisis The situation materialises unexpectedly Decisions are required urgently Time is short Specific threats are identified Communications are increasingly difficult to manage Urgent demands for information are received There is sense of loss of control Pressures build over time Routine business become increasingly difficult Demands are made to identify someone to blame Outsiders take an unaccustomed interest Reputation suffers

Learning objectives : 

Learning objectives Understand the nature of a crisis. Understand impact of a crisis on individuals and how it effects communication Learn tools for managing and communicating information in a crisis.

Five Keys to Effective Communication in a Crisis : 

Five Keys to Effective Communication in a Crisis Clarity Repetition Honesty Empathy Efficacy (Give them something to do)

Types of crisis : 

Types of crisis Natural disaster Technological crises Confrontation Malevolence Crisis of deception Crisis of management misconduct

Crisis management plan : 

Crisis management plan Gather Facts Be prepared Communicate quickly and accurately conduct brainstorming Develop policies to minimize crisis Assemble and organize resources

contd : 

contd Develop crisis management team Assign one leader for meeting communication crisis. other members gather information and meet voulanteers and staff. primary and secondary spokesman deal with media

After the crisis : 

After the crisis Declare an end to crisis Follow up Perform an act of goodwill Have a formal debriefing

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