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Exercise and Cognitive Well-being for Seniors It is one of the steadfast commandments for good health and well-being is having proper amount of regular physical exercise. It has been a long standing truth that physical exercise is essential for a good physical health. But having exercise is also very much helpful for maintaining a healthy mind and to increase your cognitive faculties. Today from Comfort Keepers In-Home Care San Mateo we want to tell you about a recent study conducted in the University of Kansas that has successfully attempted at finding out exactly how much exercise is necessary or optimal for maintaining and increasing cognitive well-being and capabilities. During the study the researchers studied the results that varying degree of exercise had on various groups of seniors. To estimate the outcome they gave four different amount of physical exercise guidelines to four different groups of seniors and conducted tests on their physical and cognitive abilities before and after 26 weeks of following the given exercise guidelines. And the results were somewhat surprising in that although having more exercise in amount resulted in proportionate increase in the physical fitness and robustness in case of the cognitive faculties the story was somewhat different. The study found out that exercising more or less was not a factor in increasing cognitive faculties. Having just a brisk walk on a treadmill or anywhere for as less as just mere 25 minutes was found to have the same effect as exercising for an hour in case of cognitive and mental well- being. So amount does not matter just start to enjoy a little walk down the park and you will be good to go Comfort Keepers In-Home Care San Mateo always encourage regular physical exercise and our Comfort Keepers facilitate the proper amount and type of exercises for our loved seniors in care. So in case you need any kind of support and in-home care for your loved ones do not hesitate to contact Comfort Keepers In-Home Care San Mateo. For more information find out here.

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