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AUSTRALIA Australia by Sean & Tim BDF CDR December 2008

Australian Tourism Ads : 

Australian Tourism Ads


SIZE Australia is 7,617,930 sq km big – 12 times bigger than France It is 4,000 km long and 3,700 km high.

Population : 

Population 25% are born overseas.

The Flag : 

The Flag Federation in 1901 Combines the Union Jack of the UK The stars of the Southern Cross

Culture : 

Culture Discovered by Bigot Paulmier de Gonneville in 1504. He named it "Terre Australe". English colony in 1788 Australia Day, January 26th 6 days after landing a French explorer arrived.

AustraliaOld and New : 

AustraliaOld and New The English criminals to Australia as punishment. These Criminals were called convicts The first convicts arrived in Australia in 1788 Some people came to Australia to simply start a new life.

Aboriginal People : 

Aboriginal People 2.6% of the population 40,000 – 60,000 years Nomadic people 250 spoken languages Oral history

AustraliaOld and New : 

AustraliaOld and New

Australia - Facts : 

Australia - Facts What do you think is the Capital City of Australia?

Melbourne - Population 3.8 million : 

Melbourne - Population 3.8 million

Sydney - Population 4.3 million : 

Sydney - Population 4.3 million

Climate : 

Climate Sydney December Daily average 17 - 25° 300 sunny days a year July Daily Average 8° - 16°

Bondi Beach – 30 minutes drive from the centre of Sydney : 

Bondi Beach – 30 minutes drive from the centre of Sydney 25 000 km of coastline 11 000 beaches

Landscape : 

Landscape Different landscapes and climates. Which One would you like to visit the most?

18% Desert : 

18% Desert Driest Continent

Arnhem Land : 

Arnhem Land Arnhem Land and the Kimberley are what we call the areas of near the top of Australia. They are very isolated and beautiful.

The Outback : 

The Outback The Outback Is not the Beach Is not the City Is not the Mountains Is not the Desert Is not the Bush BUT Everything else a long way away

The Outback : 

The Outback

Australian Landmarks : 

Australian Landmarks Sydney Uluru (Ayers Rock) The 12 Apostles Wave Rock

Australian Landmarks : 

Australian Landmarks The Great Barrier Reef Cradle Mountain The Bungle Bungles

Animals of Australia : 

Animals of Australia Australia has many unique animals that are not found anywhere else in the world. You probably know these animals from Australia… A Kangaroo A Koala An Emu An Echidna

Animals of Australia : 

Animals of Australia But what about these animals? A Bilby A Tasmanian Devil A Rock Wallaby A Platypus A Wombat

The Australian DesertFull of Life?? : 

The Australian DesertFull of Life?? These are some of the animals that live happily in the hot Australian Desert Dingo Thorny Devil

Slide 27: 

Spider bite 1 death every 2 years Crocodile attack less than 1 death per year Snake bite just over 1 death per year Shark attack almost 2 deaths per year Horse riding accidents cause 8 deaths per year

The Most Dangerous Marine Animal! : 

The Most Dangerous Marine Animal! So what do you think is the most dangerous animal in Australia?

Native Foods : 

Native Foods Australians also often eat Kangaroo which is very tasty. Crocodiles are also very tasty and it is better to eat them than the crocodiles eat you! Aborigines also eat the many wild berries from the forests as well as honey ants and witchetty grubs. Native Berries from Australia A Honey Ant (delicious and sweet) A Witchetty Grub (tastes like chicken)

Some other Native Foods : 

Some other Native Foods Vegemite – A spread made from yeast and salt which is very healthy. Lamingtons – A square cake made from Sponge and coconut Pavlova – A cake made from egg whites and fruit. It is very light and fluffy.

Sports : 

Sports Rugby Aussie Rules Cricket

Sports Cricket : 

Sports Cricket 8 hours 5 days Stops for rain and tea

Sports – Aussie Rules : 

Sports – Aussie Rules Same ground as cricket The ground is round 100 000 spectators

Sports – Aussie Rules : 

Sports – Aussie Rules

Aussie Rules : 

Aussie Rules

Desert Sports - Sailing : 

Desert Sports - Sailing It only rains one day a year What about the other days?

Beer : 

Beer And yes We do like to drink beer

Sounds of the Australian Bush : 

Sounds of the Australian Bush Birds Sounds 2. 3 4. 1. Animal Sounds 1. 2.

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