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" If Australia is to maintain our prosperity, our cities must become more sustainable .” Anthony Albanese (Minister for Infrastructure).

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Join the market leaders creating Smart developments that cost a fraction of traditional developments to maintain APPROVED BY AUSTRALIAN ROAD AUTHORITIES

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Smart developments require less maintenance. Safer, cleaner, simply Smarter!

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ZERO damage to foundations when items are impacted Streetscapes remain undisturbed for generations Physically sustainable

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Damaged infrastructure is replaced in literally seconds, Requiring ZERO material costs for generations. Financially sustainable

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Maintenance results in ZERO waste & ZERO landfill Environmentally sustainable

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Items are literally popped in & out Instead of taking hours to replace damaged items it takes 1 person, literally seconds. Simply Smarter!

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Simply Smarter Smart posts reduce maintenance They cannot rotate, come loose, be pushed out of alignment or be removed by unauthorised persons.

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Simply Smarter! When impacted the post bends at the base with no damage to the foundations or the locking device.

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The Smart socket is installed permanently in a concrete base, flush with the surface The Smart socket will NEVER need replacing Simply Smarter!

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Simply Smarter A Smart Taper is attached to the leg of the item you wish to install. (using the self-drilling screws supplied). Smart Tapers can be re-used again and again!

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Creating a “ self-locking taper ” Posts cannot rotate, become loose, be pushed out of alignment or removed by vandals. Simply Smarter!

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Simply Smarter! The foundations will be protected for generations and Items can be replaced in seconds. Your streets can be more effectively maintained, at a fraction of the cost .

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Instead of costs rising each year, the cost of maintaining the streets will be reduced for generations. Substantially improving the lifespan of a development and the ability of both present and future generations to maintain the streets effectively . Simply Smarter!

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Ordering details

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Smart Auto Lock Taper Unit Includes: 1 x Permanent Smart Socket 1 x Re-usable Smart Taper Self-drilling screws 1 x Re-usable cap No replacement parts required. Smart socket is permanent and Smart Taper is re-usable. Simply Smarter!

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Units can be extended to any depth. Shown here150mm, 350mm, and 650 mm depth (2 sockets joined). Units can accept electrical cabling. Simply Smarter!

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Simply Smarter! Socket can be installed when laying foundations. Or can be retro-fitted. Installation tool (orange pipe shown left) enables installation from standing position.

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Simply Smarter Socket can be capped off and driven or walked over- no trip factors.

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