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Tonglu Yarui Home Textile Co., Limited is one of the leading blanket supplier in China. The production process and high-quality products make us prominent from other blanket manufacturers in China. Our production premises is situated at the beautiful bank of river Fuchun, 2 kilometers away tourist resort Yanziling Fishing Platform. We are next to 320 National Road and the exit of the Hangqian Expressway Tonglu.


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TONGLU YARUI HOMETEXTILE COLTD Tonglu Yarui Home Textile Co. Ltd. is located on the bank of the beautiful Fuchun River 2 kilometers away from the tourist resort Yanziling Fishing Platform 70 kilometers away from Hangzhou next to the 320 National Road and the exit of the Hangqian Expressway Tonglu. The geographical position is superior and the transportation is very convenient. It is a company with broad development prospects.

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Blanket Supplier in China As a quality blanket supplier in China we are moving towards standardization. We are expanding our sales volume as China is making its way to WTO. If you have to select the best among numerous blanket in China we are the safest bet for you. Our blanket chases the chill on a spring morning. Also our embroidered children’s blanket maintains its extra warmth to fight the frosty winter night and provide safety to your children. To choose which rug will suit you we have all the variety in our “Products” tab. We have blankets with natural fibers like silk wool linen and cotton. They all are moisture absorbent. Further we use synthetic blanket manufacturers in China. Synthetic fiber includes acrylic nylon and polyester. The fabrics we use help to keep you comfortable and keep the moisture away from you and give you the desired warmness level.

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China Cushion Manufacturers We operate as a comprehensive organization. We have an integrated production design processing and sales departments. Similarly we have a primary objective to remain competitive in the presence of other China cushion manufacturers. Our products are synonymous to customer satisfaction. Apart from current operations we target the future as well. We consistently research and develop new items to remain ahead of tomorrow. Also we remain connected to the world and contemporary situations. As we have a futuristic approach we are ready to contribute a China is knocking the door of WTO. Whether its conformation of textile grade expansion of sales or quality enhancement we are moving towards standardization. Therefore if you are in search of reliable China cushion supplier you have landed on the right page.

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China Carpet Supplier That’s why we have the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. Our main products include double-faced velvet toys bedding products and various kinds of cushions apart from the double-sided carpet. Due to our wide range we as China carpet supplier are reaching the customers outside China. We also undertake the manufacturing of composite apparel fabrics. Tonglu Yarui Home Textile Co. Limited is reckoned as the high quality carpet supplier. We manufacture double-sided carpets in the premises located on the beautiful bank of Fuchun River 70 kilometers away from Hangzhou which is next to 320 National Road. Due to our geographical location we have a competitive edge as a China carpet supplier with respect to convenient transportation across China. With the integration of sales processing and design activities we have bright developmental prospects. We always have a concern towards maintaining quality and first-class service.

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China Coral Fleece Blanket As a China Coral Fleece Blanket Manufacturer we are gradually but solidly moving towards standardization. We are going global as well due to Chinese entry in WTO. Being a responsible China Coral Fleece Blanket Supplier we are expanding our sales and improving our relationship with foreign trade institutions. Tonglu Yarui Home Textile Co. Limited is a leading brand if we talk about quality China Coral Fleece Blanket Supplier. We are located on the bank of the River Fuchun which is 70 kilometers away from city Hangzhou. Hangzhou is next to 320 National Road. Our topography gives us a competitive advantage over other players in the market. As a prominent China coral fleece blanket manufacturer we are convenient to transport our cargo all over China

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