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Video Production Optimization Distribution “The Art of Digital Information Distribution” VPOD

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"Hollywood has discovered that online video distribution provides more upside to their businesses than risk," said Kurt Scherf, vice president and principal analyst. "How the studios work with technology partners, device manufacturers, distributors, and advertisers to sustain momentum will be critical in defining success in the next few years.“[1] Businesses outside of Hollywood benefit further from the increasing interest in online video – short, informative videos provide engagement to their marketing message. Online Video Distribution: The Next Wave [1] “Internet Video: Direct-to-Consumer Services (Second Edition) ” by Parks Associates, Aug 2008

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Consumer spending via online and wireless channels touched $19 billion in 2005 and will scale a new high of $67 billion by 2010.[2] To gain consumer wallet share, spending for Internet video advertising in the U.S. alone nearly tripled in 2007 to $640 million from 2006’s $225 million.[2] Customers are becoming more educated and there is growth in every aspect of how they interact with information online. Online Video: High-priority Business & Technology Initiative [2] “Online Video Distribution – A Framework for Success” by Chiranjeev Bordoloi. Aeterno Consulting

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Customers using the Internet want relevant information that is easy to understand, helpful, and quick to review. Video Distribution Opportunities: Newsletters Podcasts/Vodcasts Events Company Meetings Product and Service Launches How-to & Instructional Information Online Video: Targeting Customers

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SmartFinds offers a total solution to your Online Video needs through their unique VPOD service that takes you through the process of Video Production to Optimization and effective, targeted Distribution. SmartFinds works with you to identify areas of interest and possibilities for Video Production – the possibilities are endless and the opportunity is infinite given the power of the Internet. The SmartFinds’ Process: VPOD

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Production Through our partner network, we offer the latest technology in video production – to meet each client’s specific needs. The production process supports advanced formats that can go from high definition to standard definition. Post-Production Effects are added to the video including, advanced motion graphics, graphics and titles, visual effects, animations, and audio effects. Video Production: VPOD

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Video optimization for maximum online exposure includes several key elements to produce the best results: A page is created on the client’s website for the video, which includes an embed code and sharing buttons for visitors to further distribute the video Video Optimization: VPOD

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Online Video Distribution creates online attention, like anoffline press release, with a broader reach. Videos will be distributed through targeted online channels, including popular sites such as: The social nature of the Internet creates a viral effect, sending information to a larger audience than ever before. Video Distribution: VPOD

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This video was distributed via the VPOD process. The chart on the right shows the link popularity after just one week of distribution. Example Video Distribution: VPOD Sample Web Distribution

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SmartFinds provides reports and analysis of the distributed videos. Through these reports we determine what web users are responding to and how we can bring them to execute on a client’s specific call to action. Post Distribution: VPOD

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Video Production and Post-Production Quoted per project based on client’s needs Optimization and Distribution Starts at $1500 per video Includes management and reporting Program Details: VPOD

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