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Smart Embedded Systems, Inc., based in Silicon Valley USA, is the first one in the world to offer SOFT HART™; patented and designed with a single microcontroller. HART is an industry standard protocol used in industrial automation. We also offer our services to customize the solution needed for HART devices and controllers. http://www.smartembeddedsystems.com/about.html


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Hart Modem


http://www.smartembeddedsystems.com SES offers HART Soft Modem running multiple instances in a single patented microprocessor. There is a need to run multiple HART modems on the Input/Output(I/O) concentrator side where an I/O controller communicates with multiple HART sensor nodes and collects and consolidates information for further processing upstream in the communication channel. The current state of the art solution uses multiple chips each doing the function of a single modem . 


http://www.smartembeddedsystems.com Benefits of our Solution: There is a considerable cost and power savings in consolidating multiple modems in one integrated circuit. Furthermore, this offers higher reliability due to a fewer component count. Our solution provides an efficient use of system resources such as sine tables, filter coefficients, demodulator functions, low pass filter functions and DMA


http://www.smartembeddedsystems.com By running the multiple instances of the modem in a single thread this can minimize process overhead such as interrupt service routines context save and restore so that the CPU utilization is optimized. This can result in lower CPU speed and lower power consumption. This also provides room to run more instances with a given CPU speed . Furthermore , the communication from the I/O controller host CPU to the modems can be consolidated over a single communication channel since now multiplier soft modems are running in one microprocessor. This communication can be over either normal UART or SPI, I2C.


http://www.smartembeddedsystems.com Address 43134 Osgood Rd.  Fremont, CA 94539 Email baldev@smartembeddedsystems.com Phone 510-304-6830 Fax 510-687-9300

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