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The PC-820 high resolution Scales The PC-820 is a high resolution, full attribute High Resolution counting scale. It comes in its simplest form, ready to count and able to recollect a piece weight and tare weight. Provided in three different capacities with an extended resolution. Easy to use tactile operational keys - Zero, tare, enter, escape, clear, 0-9, decimal point, previous, next, and 5 soft keys.

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Units of gauge selectable - Lb, Kg, Oz, G, and available in custom. Harmonizer digital filtering allows for the scale to arrange to the noise and vibration inside your capability. Regular input and output from Com1 &Com2. Many more options are accessible contact Perry Scale for further support. 10 x 0.001 lb. Expanded Resolution: 0.00005 lb. 50 x 0.005 lb. 0.0002 lb. 100 x 0.1 lb. 0.0005 lb.

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