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To BE : 

To BE Present simple

To BE: meaning & translation : 

To BE: meaning & translation Used to say something about a person, thing or state, to show a permanent or temporary quality, state, job,etc TRANSLATION: SER/ESTAR

TO BE: Affirmative : 

TO BE: Affirmative I am I’m You are you’re He is he’s She is she’s It is It’s We are We’re You are You’re They are They’re

TO BE: Negative : 

TO BE: Negative I am not I’m not You are not you aren’t He is not he isn’t She is not she isn’t It is not It isn’t We are not We aren’t You are not You aren’t They are not They aren’t

TO BE: Interrogative : 

TO BE: Interrogative Am I? Are you? Is he? Is she? Is it? Are we? Are you? Are they?

TO BE: Short Answers : 

TO BE: Short Answers Yes, I am No, I’m not Yes, you are No, you aren’t Yes, he is No, he isn’t Yes she is No, she isn’t Ye, it is No, it isn’t Yes, we are No, we aren’t Yes, you are No, you aren’t Yes, they are No, they aren’t

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