10 ETFs That Pay Generous Dividend Income


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https://www.indxx.com/aboutus.php - Investing is a numbers game, and two of the most important figures to check are the dividend yield and investment fund charge


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10 ETFs That Pay Generous Dividend Income Investing is a numbers game and two of the most important figures to check are the dividend yield and investment fund charge. If you can combine a high annual dividend yield with a low annual charge you can turbo-charge your returns. A number of low-cost exchange traded funds ETFs can help in this way by offering generous dividend yields and rock bottom charges with a total expense ratio TER ranging from as little as 0.07 per cent to 0.75 per cent on most funds. ETFs are passive index tracking funds that can be bought and sold easily like shares at minimal cost. For more information visit: https://www.indxx.com/ They offer one of the simplest ways to get rich from stocks and shares because you do not need any stock picking ability. Simply choose a balanced spread of funds covering different sectors markets and regions and resist the temptation to fiddle with the formula or raid your money to fund yet another lavish holiday. Vijay Valecha chief market analyst at Century Financial Brokers in Dubai says ETFs are a great option for ordinary investors looking to build their wealth due to their low charges and simplicity. “Dividend-paying ETFs are a prime attraction since they offer a low-cost way for tapping income from a diverse spread of hundreds or thousands of global stocks and bonds covering every sector you can imagine.” Dividend-paying ETFs are not just for income they also offer growth if you reinvest your dividends. You may still want to balance them with funds focusing on capital growth. Here are 10 attractive high yielders to consider: HERE FOR THE NEW INVESTOR can you have a quick line explaining the titles - i.e. what the name of the ETF is and then what the letters in brackets refer to Global X Super Dividend US ETF DIV This ETF follows the fortunes of the Indxx Super Dividend US Low Volatility Index and invests in 50 of the highest dividend yielding stocks on the US market. It currently yields a generous 4.85 per cent with annual charges of 0.45 per cent making it ideal for income seekers who want exposure to dividend stocks in the worlds largest economy. Remember that yields are not guaranteed and can be cut or scrapped if a company runs into trouble.

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iShares JP Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond ETF EMB Emerging markets have outperformed the developing world in the past two years and many investors are also waking up to emerging market bonds which offer higher yields than you will get on say US government bonds albeit with greater volatility and risk. This ETF currently yields 5.55 per cent a year from investing in US dollar-denominated government bonds issued by countries such as Ecuador Russia Poland Peru Egypt and Colombia with charges of 0.40 per cent a year. iShares Euro Dividend UCITS ETF IDVY For those wanting exposure to Europe this ETF tracks the performance of an index of 30 Eurozone stocks with generous dividend yields. The Eurozone may be in turmoil due to fears over Italys political and economic future but many companies are growing strongly raising earnings and boosting dividend payouts. This ETF gives you exposure to their fortunes with a current yield of 4.28 per cent and TER of 0.40 per cent a year.

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