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Music and Festivals : 

Music and Festivals Unit 3

Discuss : 

Discuss What is your favorite kind of music? e.g. rock, jazz, hip-hop, rap, pop, classical, etc. Who is your favorite artist or group? My favorite artist is ______ Have you ever been to a concert or music festival? Who did you see? Is your country famous for any music or festivals?

Timeline : 

Timeline =A line that shows when particular events happened in the past. This timeline shows the history of music that Africans introduced to the world. It shows when different types of music were introduced. Blues, Jazz, Samba, Rhythm and Blues (R&B), Rock and roll, Reggae, Hip-hop. Q. Can you think of artists who play these kinds of music?

slaves : 


turntable : 


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slaves hardships rhythm teenagers Match each word with its definition.

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