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Week 12Tuesday, November 16Ms. Park : 

Week 12Tuesday, November 16Ms. Park Unit 8 Descriptive Paragraph

Idiom of the Day : 

Idiom of the Day I had a ball. = I had a lot of fun. You can also say: I had a blast. Variations: We had a ball/ We had a blast. Did you have a ball?/ Did you have a blast? Example: A: Did you have a ball at the party last night? B: Yeah! I had so much fun. I had a blast!

Journal Free Writing : 

Today’s Topic Journal Free Writing

Slide 4: 

What is more important to you, appearance or personality? Why?

Today’s Objectives : 

Today’s Objectives Learn order of adjectives in a series Practice writing descriptive sentences

Order of Adjectives : 

Order of Adjectives When you put more than one adjective together, there is an order that looks natural. Let’s try: Put the following adjectives in order. the Italian beautiful touring old car Answer: beautiful old Italian touring I saw the beautiful old Italian touring car. The order seems confusing, but there is a general rule that you can follow.

Order of Adjectives : 

Order of Adjectives 1)DETERMINER (the, two, this, her) 2)OPINION (lovely, useful) 3)SIZE (big, enormous) 4)AGE (mature, ancient, old) 5)SHAPE (square, oval) 6)COLOR (red, pink) 7)ORIGIN (American, English) 8)MATERIAL (wooden, cotton) 9)PURPOSE (typing, sun) More examples? See handout

Rules : 

Rules NOTE: We usually use no more than three adjectives preceding a noun. There is a general rule that we follow, but there may be exceptions.

Example : 

Example A man is dancing. (no adjectives) Add adjectives one by one (from the last category) A stunt man is dancing. (purpose) A Russian stunt man is dancing. (origin) An old Russian stunt man is dancing. (age) A big old Russian stunt man is dancing. (size)

Practice : 

Practice The cat ran away. Let’s add some adjectives. (from the first category) Remember, we don’t use more than three adjectives in a series.

Tips : 

Tips When using two or more adjectives from different categories, we don’t put commas. When using two adjectives from the same category, put a comma: I saw the beautiful, expensive purse. I touched her soft, silky hair. OR The purse was beautiful and expensive.

Your Turn : 

Your Turn In pairs, You will be given a sentence without adjectives. Use 2 or 3 adjectives in a series to make it descriptive. You can use two adjectives from the same category (if you wish)

Adjectives in a Series : 

Adjectives in a Series

Adding Adjectives : 

Adding Adjectives Activity 5 Page 145 The teacher walked into the room. The tired teacher walked into the noisy room. You can write more than one adjective in each blank. On your own

Writing Descriptive Sentences : 

Writing Descriptive Sentences Page 146 Activity 6 In pairs

Homework : 

Homework 1. Final draft of the process analysis paragraph Hand in everything from brainstorming Your work will be kept and given back at the end of the semester 2. worksheet: adjective order Due Thursday

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