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Reading Level 2 : 

Reading Level 2 Monday, October 25 Week 9 Ms. Park

Idiom of the Day : 

Idiom of the Day I have butterflies in my stomach! =I’m nervous! (the weird sensation in the stomach when you feel nervous) Example: I’m giving a speech in front of 100 people in 5 minutes. I have butterflies in my stomach!

Today’s Objectives : 

Today’s Objectives Review vocabulary Reading -World Heritage Spotlight: Ancient Capitals Skills practiced: scan, read for detail

Vocabulary review : 

Vocabulary review

Review : 

Review We will review vocabulary from each unit For each word, I will ask you to give one or two of the following: part of speech meaning synonym/antonym example sentence

Unit 1 Vocabulary : 

Unit 1 Vocabulary advantage alike assist method smart specific strategy system creative earn encourage gentle huge performance popular properly trainer

Unit 2 Vocabulary : 

Unit 2 Vocabulary abroad advice ancient baggage especially eventually formed polite relaxed trip century escape extreme familiar goal native religious tie

Unit 3 Vocabulary : 

Unit 3 Vocabulary attitude audience belong (to) despite face issues differ fill influenced invented lively organization population region

Unit 4 Vocabulary : 

Unit 4 Vocabulary allow circle contact distance entire identify tool advances benefit independent journey neighbor settlers spread out surface survive

Unit 5 Vocabulary : 

Unit 5 Vocabulary challenges fix growth property remove traffic ugly annual construction global increasing particularly shaped successful urban

Unit 6 Vocabulary : 

Unit 6 Vocabulary beyond comfortable costly futuristic heat pair range rocky stylish weigh cloth discovery insect legend nowadays rare unbroken valuable worth

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