Need Professional Ant Control? Hit back with Slug-A-Bug

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Need Professional Ant control? Hit back with slug-a-bug:

Your Best Friend in Pest Control Need Professional Ant control? Hit back with slug-a-bug

The Art of ant Pest control:

Ants are among the toughest pest control problems in Florida. Few commercially available solutions can control an infestation. Once threatened, an ant colony will bud out to make additional colonies. Professionally eliminating the problem is the key to solving an infestation. 2 The Art of ant Pest control

14 little problems:

Throughout the state of Florida, more than 14 different types of ants are found in homes, businesses, and backyards everywhere. Each creates its own set of problems that can range from annoying you to damaging your property to creating serious health issues for you and your family. 3 14 little problems Acrobat Ants Argentine Ants Big Headed Ants Caribbean Crazy Ants Carpenter Ants Elongated Twig Ants Fire Ants Ghost Ants Odorous House Ants Pyramid Ants Pavement Ants Pharaoh Ants Rover Ants Thief Ants

Here a Nest, There a Nest:

Outdoor pest control is needed as ants typically nest in soil outside homes and businesses, but that’s far from the only location they’ll consider. They can be found around buildings or in any warm, moist area that’s protected and near great food sources. 4 Here a Nest, There a Nest

Think you’re protected? Think again:

Ants can infest almost any structure where they can find food and water. A single crumb or splash of juice may leave you with long trails of ants taking food back to their nests. Once they find food, they leave a pheromone trail so other ants can join the party. 5 Think you’re protected? Think again

Solutions, solutions – oh the possibilities:

Baiting the ants is always an option, but there are some real drawbacks. The right type of bait depends on the ants you have, and placement of the bait is absolutely critical to ant pest control . 6 Solutions, solutions – oh the possibilities

The slug-a-bug difference:

Slug-A-Bug has developed an innovative solution to problem ants. With carefully trained technicians as well as the best equipment and materials in the business, we’ll target the ant problem immediately and develop a customized treatment plan. 7 The slug-a-bug difference

Ongoing protection:

Once we’re done, we’ll help you identify potential trouble spots in your home to keep you ant-free in the days and weeks to come. 8 Ongoing protection

Greening your pest problems:

A leader in green pest control , Slug-A-Bug understands the need to play a role in protecting our natural resources. We use only state-of-the-art green products as our first line of defense and low impact products in all other cases. It’s our commitment to the future. 9 Greening your pest problems

Schedule a free ant evaluation:

The largest independently owned pest control company in Brevard County, we offer cutting edge solutions to help you deal with your ant problem for good. 10 Schedule a free ant evaluation

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