Keeping 8-legged Freeloaders Out of Your Home This Winter!


Presentation Description – Spiders are one of those pests that people really, really hate. But why do they have such a terrible reputation? No one really knows, though they are very creepy! Florida has both poisonous and non-poisonous spiders. Spiders like to come inside in the winter, even in still warm Florida. Luckily there are several different ways you can prevent a spider problem in your home. In addition, you can contact Slug-A-Bug spider pest control experts in Brevard County for 3 decades.


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Fighting Florida Spiders:

Keeping 8-Legged Freeloaders Out of Your Home This Winter! Fighting Florida Spiders

Hate Spiders?:

There are lots of different kinds of pests people love to hate, but none have quite the level of passionate hatred standing behind them as the spider. Why it gets such a terrible reputation isn’t an answer-able question. What we do know, though, is that Florida plays home to several of the 34,000 different species of spiders that live across the globe. Hate Spiders?

More than a glance:

Ready to take a deeper look at your winter enemy? Spiders all have four pairs of legs . They also have eight eyes. While they’re amazing jumpers, they have no wings to help them move from place to place. Florida has both poisonous and non-poisonous types of spiders, but the venomous ones (the brown recluse and black widow) have a tendency to hide from people. More than a glance

Are they in my house?:

Are they in my house? Worried the army may have already invaded? If they have, it’s pretty likely you’re going to notice them. Almost immediately, they’re going to start building webs in your home to catch dinner, so if you start to notice an abundance of webs , you probably already have them in your home.

So, Which ones are dangerous?:

Unless you have some training in the area, you’re not going to know which spiders are dangerous and which ones aren’t just by glancing at them. Your best bet is to contact a pest control professional if you’re worried about spiders living in your home to help you understand more about which ones should cause concern. So, Which ones are dangerous?

What to do:

If you think you have spiders in your home already, keep the webs to a minimum, then contact a pest control company . You can actually use a vacuum to help eliminate the webs around your home, and make certain you clear cluttered areas so the pest control company can more effectively eliminate the problem. What to do

Preventing spiders:

There are several different ways you can prevent a spider problem in your home . Your best first step is to make certain your home is carefully sealed from the outside. Caulking any gaps in siding or near pipes, repairing holes in screens, and making certain door thresholds fit well is a must. You can also keep your home a bit tidier. The less clutter, the fewer spiders you’ll have to fight. Preventing spiders

Pest Control Experts:

Slug-A-Bug is the largest independently owned pest control company in Brevard County , we offer cutting edge solutions to help you deal with spider problems. Contact us for more information. Pest Control Experts

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