Beneficial Pests - A Quick Introduction to Good “Pests”


Presentation Description– Often times people are quick to call a Brevard County pest control company at the first sight of pests in their home, but you may be surprised to learn that there are some bugs you don’t want to get rid of.


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beneficial Pests:

A Quick Introduction to a World You May Not Be Familiar With beneficial Pests

There are Good Bugs?:

If you’re like many homeowners, you only know about one type of bug: the bad kind. They’re the reason you fix holes in your screens immediately, the reason you have a yearly maintenance program with your pest control company , and the reason your exterminator is on speed dial. As many people begin to focus on the greener side of life these days, though, it may surprise you to learn that there are some bugs you just don’t want to get rid of. There are Good Bugs?

Who Cares?:

If you’re not already familiar with beneficial pests , you may want to be. While the average homeowner probably wouldn’t even consider introducing beneficial pest species onto their property, if you have a summer garden or you love your seasonal flowers, beneficial pests might be the way to go. Who Cares?

Before You Place an Order:

Before You Place an Order There are many different mail-order companies online offering almost every type of beneficial pest under the sun, and before you decide to get thousands of ladybugs for just twenty bucks, there are a number of things to keep in mind. If you haven’t already, call your pest control company to chat about your options. You need a professional opinion before you make any decisions. Don’t just place an order. You need to do some careful evaluation first. Check your plants regularly to determine what issues you already have and the degree of infestation. Make certain you identify your pests carefully before you decide to introduce beneficial insects into the situation. Timing means everything. Beneficial insects have to be introduced when your pest population is at a medium strength. Throw one big fish into a barrel packed with tiny fish, and they’ll eat him every time. You have to make certain your infestation rate isn’t too overwhelming. Maintain a suitable environment. Your beneficial insects won’t survive if the conditions aren’t right for them, so you have to make sure it’s as optimal as possible.

Beneficial Insects to Consider:

So, which insects are going to be right to meet your needs? It depends a bit on what you’re dealing with and what you might be dealing with. Some of the most popular choices include Green Lacewings, Praying Mantis, Ladybugs, Nematodes, and Minute Pirate Bugs. Beneficial Insects to Consider

Green Lacewings to the Rescue:

Once they become adults, you’ll find them eating all of the finer things in life like pollen and nectar, but as larvae, they’re serious predators, and your garden could use their help. They can eat aphids by the dozen because they’re very hungry absolutely all of the time. Green Lacewings to the Rescue

Praying Mantis:

These guys are your rescue team unlike any other because they’re big enough to eat almost anything that comes their way. They’re going to blend in very well with the rest of your garden, but they’re predators of the worst kind. They’re just as likely to devour those ladybugs you ordered as they are to gobble up those caterpillars, so make certain you know what you’re getting into with this order. Praying Mantis


Also known as roundworms, these colorless worms are a great way to get rid of almost any pest you’re fighting. They can manage infestations that many other pest control methods simply can’t, and whether you need to fight tomato hornworms or root maggots, these are the ones you want to consider. Nematodes


Aphids are easily one of the single most common garden pests out there, and whether you have tomatoes you’re trying to take care of or gorgeous decorative plants, the aphids will consume them. Ladybugs , though, can help. Historically , ladybugs have been a sign of good luck, and that’s certainly true in your garden. They can eat up to a thousand aphids a day, which means a great harvest for you. Ladybugs

Minute Pirate Bugs:

They’re awfully tiny, but these are going to be able to protect your treasure unlike many other choices out there. They will eat aphids, mites, and thrips , and it’s possible they’re already in your garden right now, but you’d need a magnifying glass to see them. Minute Pirate Bugs

Pest Control Experts:

The largest independently owned pest control company in Brevard County , we offer cutting edge solutions to help you deal with any of these pest problems. Contact us for more information. Pest Control Experts

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