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Summer pest control is important because more pests emerge in the summer as pests love warm temperatures. And summer in Florida is certainly no exception. One of the best ways to minimize pest control problems in the summer months is to take a close look at your property and contact a total pest control company for help.


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summer Pest Control Tips You need Now:

Make Your Summer A Bit More Fun By Uninviting Pests to Your Party summer Pest Control Tips You need Now

Why Summer?:

Ever wonder why pest control becomes so much more important in the summer? It’s easy! Most pests love the warm temperatures, and in Florida, when those nice temps combine with the moist heat, you have a combination any creepy-crawly would love to invade. Why Summer?

The Creepy-Crawly Line-Up:

Florida plays host to a number of different pests year-round, but here are a few you may notice as the weather gets warmer: Cockroaches Flies Bees Wasps Fire Ants Termites Spiders The Creepy-Crawly Line-Up

Prevent an Invasion Outside:

Prevent an Invasion Outside Any good total pest control program starts outside of your home, and there are two main areas you want to focus on: your property and near the house itself.

On Your Property:

One of the best ways to minimize pest control problems in the summer months is to take a close look at your property with these tips in mind. On Your Property Eliminate any standing water, and suggest your neighbors do the same. Keep weeds and shrubs well trimmed. Change the water in your bird bath at least once each week. Keep all of your trash containers covered. Keep your pool as clean as possible and well chlorinated Water your lawn regularly and make sure it stays healthy. Call a lawn professional if you have concerns.

Near Your Home:

Keep all vegetation away from direct contact with your home. Ventilate flower beds or rock beds to prevent any serious moisture build up Make certain any stacked wood is kept away from the house. Repair any leaks in roofs or gutters immediately. Repair holes in siding, screen doors, and window screens to eliminate entry points for pests. Near Your Home

Prevent an invasion inside:

It’s just as important to work on prevention inside as it is outside. These tips may help: Keep your doors and windows shut as much as possible. Clean your kitchen counter area several times a day and keep all of your food in sealed containers. Vacuum your carpets and crevices at least twice each week. Repair any leaky faucets immediately. Prevent an invasion inside

Pest Control Experts:

The largest independently owned pest control company in Brevard County , we offer cutting edge solutions to help you deal with summer pest control problems. Contact us for more information. Pest Control Experts

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