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Right from the painting, the cars in different shades to providing your cars with different body kits. The slotcar shop is one stop destination for car racers. The car paints are available for different models of the car. Apart from car paints, we also deal with chassis pre-assembled with body holders. We have a huge stock of zero paints to import worldwide as well as we have the best accessories for your car at a reasonable price to make your car ready for every race.


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GET THE BEST ACCESSORIES FOR SPORTS CAR AT SLOTCAR SHOP Sports cars grab the attention of the people once they are on the racing track. The stylish sleek streamlined are the words which define a sports car. Two doors automobiles are designed for high speeds with massive engines and good looks. In the present scenario some manufacturers are designing a high-speed sports car for racing. The sports cars are developed in various shapes like convertibles roadsters coupes and sedans. With passing time there has been a tremendous change in the choice of the people who love sports cars. Sports cars are generally used in auto racing so there are lots of parts and accessories which are used in sports cars for optimum performance. The Best Shop for Sports cars accessories The slotfabrik offers a range of accessories for your sports car to make it look beautiful and eye catchy while its on track. The slotfarik offer slot cars chassis

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parts and body with different accessories. These accessories are used to make racecars within the scale of 1:24. Apart from this we also offer RTR/ slot car building and painting services which can be easily customized in all scales. With a huge stock we have zero paints which can be shipped worldwide. All paints are available according to the demands of the customers. We also provide accessories according to the make and models of the car. The lemans body kit Decals and paints are available for Ford GT 2019 with a scale of 1:24 and 1:32. There are different brands of the car designed with different principles. There might be some light cars designed to achieve greater acceleration. There are lots of accessories which are used for better car handling and performance. The 991 GT3 R Grello Decals and neu im shop are available in the scale of 1:32 and 1:24. Apart from all these LMP bodies with Decals – Porsche 919 2017 ‘16 ‘15 ‘14 are also available. The chassis is pre-assembled with different types of body holders which are designed for different scale auto bodies. They are designed for cars like Porsche GT3 BMW Z4 Viper Mercedes SLS and Audi R8. All accessories are designed for the best and optimum performance of the car. With years of experience we at Slotcar shop offer you the best parts and accessories for your racing cars as well as we give you the best color options for your car.

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