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Patient-centered Applications: Use of Information Technology to Promote Disease Management and Wellness:

Patient-centered Applications: Use of Information Technology to Promote Disease Management and Wellness Alice Sloan Abbitt July 6, 2012


Introduction Advances in information technology Enhance and supplement communication between health care professionals and patients Support interventions focusing on disease management and wellness

Review of Applications:

Review of Applications Internet-based Applications Mobile Devices Home Telehealth Applications

Usability and Use Acceptance :

Usability and Use Acceptance User-friendliness Usability User competence Confidence

Data Transmission:

Data Transmission Guidelines indicating the professional care that is appropriate for specific conditions Terminologies in different formats and usually developed for specific purposes Electronic exchange of information within and/or between health information systems

Economic Evaluation:

Economic Evaluation Improving interorganizational networks Reducing costs Controlling resource allocation Achieving a higher standard of quality of services promoting disease management and wellness

Public Policy:

Public Policy Quality Safety Efficacy of the delivered services Who will pay for that care and how much How to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of information

Ethical Considerations:

Ethical Considerations Protecting Privacy: Closed security mechanisms Open security mechanisms


Conclusion IT has great potential to contribute to improving patient health More research is needed Existing studies suffer from weak methodology including poor design leading to inconclusive results

References :

References Afrin, L. B., Courtney, K. L., Demiris , G., Goossen , W., Lovis , C., Lynch, C., Sondhi , M., & Speedie , S. (2008). Patient-centered applications: Use of information technology to promote disease management and wellness. Journal of the American Medical informatics Associations , 15 (1), 8-13.

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