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By: Stefanie Kerley

What is it?:

What is it? Social Bookmarking is an online service where users can add, annotate, edit, and share web documents. Store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks Save links to pages using a social bookmarking site Does not save a resource, but bookmarks the reference


History Originated around April 1996 First bookmark was Since then, more and more sites have been made Some are deleted after time


Features Users save the links to a web page and can share the specific link. Bookmarks can be public or private Can share in groups or specific people Provide web feeds Organized by tags Can be searched


Examples Backflip BibSonomy Blink blurpalicious Clip2 Clickmarks Delicious Digg Easybm Ez4u Favoor Gather Hotlinks WebTagger


Differences Some automatically sort bookmarks Provide folders Brower buttons to save bookmarks Email bookmarks to others Takes a screenshot of the bookmark Teachers can create sites for themselves and students


E ffects Social Bookmarking led to the creation of CiteULine , Connotea , Furl, Simpy , Flickr and many others. Flickr is a way to share photos and view other’s photos Flickr inspired others to add more features Ex- A tagging feature

Used in Education:

Used in Education Users can underline, highlight, and annotate. Organizing and categorizing web pages Sharing resources Teachers can follow students’ progress RISAL (Repository of Interactive Social Assets for Learning) Used to support reading and learning College Based


Cont. Can access from cell phones, laptops, Ipads , etc. Students can collaborate with each other Make collective discoveries

Just the Beginning?:

Just the Beginning? More and more sites are being made yearly Social Bookmarking is here to stay. There are users that do not like using these programs, and others do Certain businesses benefit from using Social Bookmarking



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