Skyway West Cloud Computing Services


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A short overview of Skyway West Cloud Computing Services. This includes the option to run applications on your own equipment in our Secure Co-location facility or on our Managed Virtual "Infrastructure as a Service".


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Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing

We Deliver::

We Deliver: Business Internet Cloud Computing Private Networking

What is Cloud Computing?:

What is Cloud Computing? Software as a Service Hardware as a Service

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Power Security Bandwidth Internet Redundancy Air Conditioning Enviro Benefits Why Move Services to the Cloud?

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Skyway’s Cloud Computing Facility Power Security Bandwidth Internet Redundancy Data Stored in Canada

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Skyway Hybrid Cloud Services Customize Security Windows or Linux Add Physical Hardware Turn Servers on and off as required WWW ≈≈≈ Virtual Server Virtual Server Virtual Server Virtual Server Windows Linux

Private Cloud Computing:

Private Cloud Computing WWW ≈≈≈ Physical Co-location Virtual Co-location 192.168. 4 .3 192.168. 4 .2 192.168. 4 .1

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