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A short overview of Skyway West Internet services for Canadian business.


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About Skyway West:

About Skyway West

Skyway West:

Skyway West Full service ISP for 15 years Serving B.C., Alberta and major Canadian cities Business Only Wide Area Network Experts

Great Networking:

Great Networking Connect to Telus , Bell Canada, Level3, BC Net, NTT and 100 peers Shortest distance to/from your destination Lowest latency, lowest packet lost, lowest jitter

Great Networking: Best Carriers:

Great Networking: Best Carriers Telus : Western Canada Bell: Eastern Canada Level3: #1 U.S. Carrier BC Net: Education & Research NTT: Largest in Asia; 2 nd largest in World 100 peers: (Shaw, Microsoft)

We Deliver::

We Deliver: Internet Connectivity Cloud Computing Private IP Networks

Internet Connectivity:

Internet Connectivity WWW ≈≈≈ Business ADSL Burstable Fibre and Ethernet over Coax Premium Internet Access Services Fibre and Ethernet over Copper Bonding & Failover T1 Xstream

Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing WWW ≈≈≈ Physical Co-location Virtual Co-location

Private Networking:

Private Networking WWW ≈≈≈ Physical Co-location Virtual Co-location 192.168. 4 .1 192.168. 4 .2 192.168. 4 .3

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