Wireless tv hearing aid for hearing loss people

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In this tv hearing aid use msa 30x sound amplifier.It is the lightweight and comfortable sound amplifier.A hearing loss perso use the tv hearing aid feel better.Because this person are watching movies by tv hearing aid. The assistive listening devices is used to make the sound of the television more better and clear.more details visit this link https://www.diigo.com/item/note/6b103/xms3?k=caac78ae665337dbba67fb99c22e9965


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A hearing loss person can watch movie and tv by tv hearing aid Tv hearing aid In today there is much demand for such type of hearing aid because this is the first thing that hearing loss person have to struggle.Assistive listening deviceALD is used in tv hearing aid. If you use the tv hearing aidyou can improve your hearing to understand the tv.Want to listen to everything without disturbanceyou must use the tv hearing aid.

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Benefits of Assistive listening deviceALD Assistive listening devices are directly connect into the headphone jack of the tvIncluding your headphones and hearing aid. ● Send the signals directly to your headphones and hearing aids. ● Minimizing the background noise. ● Improves the quality of the hearing signals sound.

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Type of tv headphones ● Sennheiser SET840 ● Sennheiser IS410 Wireless Ultra-lightweight Assistive Listening System. ● Artiste Wireless Hearing Aid Headset System. ● Unisar J3 Listener Wireless Headset. ● TV Ears Digital System 11741 Wireless Voice Clarifying TV Headset – Version 5.0 ● Unisar Wireless Digital TV Audio Assisted Listening Device System TV Listener. ● Sennheiser RS 135 .

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Sennheiser SET840 SET840-TV is an RF TV listening system. This is a wireless listening in your house. Its provide excellent sound .you are watching a TV program or listening to music Set 840-TV is providing better sound. It is a flexible ear pads and lightweight receiver.

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Benefit of wireless tv hearing aid Connection to hearing aid-hearing aids are fit to connect a public place area theatre. Improve music experience- If you listen to your favorite song direct from your phone or MP3 player on your hearing aids then you feel very enjoyment. Sound quality- Improve better sound quality.wireless technology operates entirely both hearing aids. The data transfer rates for wireless hearing aids are measured in nanoseconds. Phone conversations- If your phone is connected to your hearing aid you can talk without any hassle and at the same time you can manage your phone.

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Difference between standard headphone and wireless headphones Basic headphones ❏ May let in other outside sounds. ❏ Volume control based on equipment. ❏ Not comfortable for our ears. ❏ Can not use long time. ❏ Use directional microphone systems.

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Wireless headphones ★ Fit for our ear. ★ Free range of movement. ★ No outer disturbance. ★ Volume control inside the headphones. ★ Less chance it can become broken.

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