Vestibular schwannoma surgery

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vestibular schwannoma, also called Acoustic neuroma, its type of a brain tumor.It grows slowly from of Schwann cells. The pressure on the nerve from the tumor may cause hearing loss and imbalance.for more details visit this link


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Vestibular schwannoma surgery treatment 1. What is the Acoustic neuromavestibular schwannoma 2. Acoustic neuroma problems. 3. Acoustic neuroma treatment outcomes. 4. vestibular schwannoma causes. 5. How it is recognize

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1. What is the Acoustic neuromavestibular schwannoma vestibular schwannoma is also as called Acoustic neuroma it is the type of a brain tumor. It grows slowly from an increase of Schwann cells. The tumor then forces on the hearing and balance nerve fiber in the inner ear. Schwann cells normally wrap around and support nerve fibers.

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2. Acoustic neuroma problems. An acoustic neuroma is a variety of permanent problems including: ● Hearing loss. ● Body balance issue. ● Weakness. ● Headache. ● Mouth issue.

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3. Acoustic neuroma treatment outcomes Your acoustic neuroma treatment is depend on the size and growth of the brain tumor. if youre experiencing symptoms. To treat acoustic neuroma your doctor may be suggest three treatment methods they are monitoring surgery and radiation therapy. ● Facial Strength protection. ● Hearing conservation. ● Balance is worse after surgery. ● hearing generally gets poor after surgery.

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4. Vestibular schwannoma causes. most of the people develop acoustic neuroma between the ages of 30-60 years. There is a small chance that little-dose expose to radiation to the head and neck during babyhood may increase the risk. some doctors are suggested that it may be interconnected the cell phones and continuously loud sound but this is not truly proving.

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5. How it is recognize ● Vestibular schwannoma can be difficult to diagnose. If you have an acoustic neuroma from your indication you would go to a hospital ear nose and ENT specialist. ● The best test to diagnose an acoustic neuroma is an MRI scan of the brain. And MRI scan uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to gives details of your brain. ● Hearing test are also required if an acoustic neuroma is feel. Because one of the most common indication of an acoustic neuroma is hearing loss.

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