asked questions when buying a hearing aid


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many questions are asking buying a hearing aid ex-cost, technology, warranty period etc.Many brands are available in our country most brands are Resound, Phonak etc. and model of the hearing aids.


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What questions to ask when buying a hearing aid About hearing aids • A hearing aid is a electronic device that you wear in or behind your ear.This device are very usefull that person they loss hearing.A hearing aid makes three basic part microphoneamplifire and speaker.

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Questions when buy a hearing aid • features of hearing aid. • cost of hearing aid. • which technology used in this device. • how do i care of my hearing aid. • batterry life and warrenty period. • What happend when my hearing aids break.

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Types of hearing aids 1. Behind the ear BTE hearing aids. 2. In the ear ITE hearing aid. 3. Receiver in the ear RITE hearing aids.

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Behind the ear BTE hearing aids. • BTE is type of hearing aids.This device is set comfortable behind your ear and transmitted sound by a tube. • this device are available in many colors and style.

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most brands of hearing aids 1. ReSound 2. Phonak 3. Oticon 4. Starkey 5. Signia

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