Healthy Diet Plan For Seniors with Diabetes

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Seniors are at a higher risk of diabetes, which also increases the risk of ailments like dementia and life-threatening complications such as vascular diseases.


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Healthy Diet Plan for Seniors with Diabetes Seniors are at a higher risk of diabetes which also increases the risk of ailments like dementia and life-threatening complications such as vascular diseases. Seniors who are over 75 years have a very high risk of diabetes since pancreatic islet function and insulin resistance decrease with age. Are you wondering if you can reverse diabetes Well making healthy food choices and diligently controlling intake portions can make quite a difference. A diet plan to reverse diabetes will include loads of whole grains fruits and vegetables. Here’s a look at meals that can help to manage the condition. Foods to Avoid A diabetes reversal program at home needs to exclude certain foods from regular diet. All items containing trans-fat or saturated fat should be avoided. Rice pasta and white bread are high sources of carbohydrates and contain refined starches. This can increase sugar levels in the body. For proper glycemic control it’s important to monitor the carb intake. If you consume alcohol daily try to cut down the level of intake. It’s also best to exclude sweetened drinks milkshakes and iced tea to achieve the desired level of sugar in the blood. Foods to Consume Legumes green vegetables and whole grains are rich sources of carbohydrates without any adverse effects. A type 2 diabetes treatment plan should make sure you consume the recommended amount of whole grains and fibers. For the right source of protein eat loads of eggs and fish. For lean protein fat free diary and lean cuts of meat are great. Among fruits bananas grapefruit avocadoes apples and kiwi are the most beneficial for your health. Broccoli cauliflower asparagus and eggplants are among the few vegetables that are a must for diabetic seniors. These are easy to digest and show wonderful results in controlling diabetes. A Proper Diet Plan For an effective diabetes reversal program follow this simple plan. Breakfast: Sweet potato toasts omelet or poached eggs oatmeal or a bowl of fresh fruits. You can also include chia seeds nuts black beans and flaxseeds. Lunch: Roasted chicken spinach whole grain bread and vegetables. You can replace roasted chicken with boiled eggs or tuna fish. Make sure to have some salad. Snacks: Fruits cottage cheese peanut butter yogurt boiled vegetables or a handful of nuts.

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Dinner: A bowl full of freshly boiled and baked vegetables soup and salmon fillet paneer tofu chicken pork or lentils. Try to create daily targets for calories and carbohydrates. If you have overeaten one meal make sure you balance it out later. Educate yourself about the fat protein and cholesterol content of various food items before incorporating them in your regular diet. Lastly don’t forget to keep a check on your body weight and blood sugar levels. Although diabetes does not have a cure there are ways in which it can be managed. Keeping track of what you eat and incorporating an exercise routine in your daily life can work wonders in controlling blood sugar levels in the body.

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