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Overview Introduction Importance of nanotechnology Applications Lithography Dip pen Nano sphere Advantages Disadvantages

What is nanotechnology? : 

What is nanotechnology? Nanotechnology is the understanding and control of matter at dimensions of roughly 1 to 100 nanometers, where unique phenomena enable novel applications. A nanometer (nm) is one-billionth of a meter, smaller than the wavelength of visible light and a hundred-thousandth the width of a human hair . For comparison, 10 nanometers is 1000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.


THINKING SMALL!!!! The first mention of some of the distinguishing concepts in nanotechnology (but predating use of that name) was in 1867 by James Clerk Maxwell when he proposed as a thought experiment a tiny entity known as Maxwell's Demon able to handle individual molecules.

Father of the Big (small) thing… : 

Father of the Big (small) thing… Dr.K.Eric.Drexler

Why nanotechnology ????? : 

Why nanotechnology ????? Nanotechnology has the potential to change every part of our lives. Nanotechnology affects all materials: ceramics, metals, polymers, and biomaterials. In the coming decade nanotechnology will have an enormous impact. Future advances could change our approaches to manufacturing, electronics, IT and communications technology making previous technology redundant and leading to applications which could not have been developed or even thought about, without this new approach.

Nanotechnology’s place in an age of ages : 

Nanotechnology’s place in an age of ages It is not only the speed of technological change that creates a "revolution," it is its scope as well. Above all, today, as seven thousand years ago, technological developments from a great many areas are growing together to create a new human environment.

Tools to make nanostructures…. : 

Tools to make nanostructures…. There are mainly two approaches for nanostructures: Top Down Approach Bottom Up Approach

Nanotechnology in various fields like……….. : 



APPLICATIONS Dip_Pen Nanolithography "One molecule thick letters written using Dip-Pen Nanolithography: Octadecanethiol is the ink and gold is the substrate. Visualized with an atomic force microscope. A BEARING A HYDROCARBON JOINT A NANO PUMP A DIFFERENTIAL GEAR A FINE MOTION CONTROLLER

Dip Pen nanolithography : 

Dip Pen nanolithography In DPN a reservoir of ‘ink’ (atoms or molecules) is stored on the top of the scanning probe tip, which is manipulated across the surface, leaving lines and patterns behind.

Nanosphere Liftoff Lithography : 

Nanosphere Liftoff Lithography If marbles are placed together on a board as tightly as possible, they will form a tight group with each marble surrounded by six others. If this array was spray-painted from the top and then the marbles were tipped off the board. The paint would appear as a set of painted dots each shaped like a triangle with concave edges .

Advantages of nanotechnology: : 

Advantages of nanotechnology: With NT, we can create unique materials and products which are: Stronger Lighter Cheaper Durable Precise

Disadvantages of nanotechnology: : 

Disadvantages of nanotechnology: Global monetary crisis, loss of jobs, oil becomes worthless, diamonds become worthless, atomic weapons more destructive and accessible. In relation to health problems, it is so minute that its existence in the hand is much unnoticed. The risk of inhaling this could be very dangerous, due to which it can be a cause of death.

Nano in day-to-day life!!!!!! : 

Nano in day-to-day life!!!!!! 1 - Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) for displays 2 - Photovoltaic film that converts light into electricity 3 - Scratch-proof coated windows that clean themselves with UV 4 - Fabrics coated to resist stains and control temperature 5 - Intelligent clothing measures pulse and respiration 6 - Bucky-tubeframe is light but very strong 7 - Hipjoint made from biocompatible materials 8 - Nano-particle paint to prevent corrosion 9 - Thermo-chromic glass to regulate light 10 - Magnetic layers for compact data memory 11 - Carbon nanotube fuel cells to power electronics and vehicles 12 - Nano-engineered cochlear implant

The Implications of Nanotechnology : 

The Implications of Nanotechnology Humanity will be faced with a powerful, accelerated social revolution as a result of nanotechnology. In the near future, a team of scientists will succeed in constructing the firstnano-sized robot capable of self-replication.

“Nanotechnology drives the next growth cycle” : 

“Nanotechnology drives the next growth cycle”

Conclusions: : 

Conclusions: The promises of nanotechnology sound great, don't they? Maybe even unbelievable? But researchers say that we will achieve these capabilities within the next century.

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