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INTERNAL PROCESSES & SYSTEMS (Evolving HR Processes)‏ KEY METRICS REVIEW & PLANNING (Staffing, Attrition, Performance, EVA)‏ EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT (Satisfaction, Career Aspirations & Celebrations )‏ SUPPORTING BUSINESS NEEDS (HR Structure, Recruitment, & Allocation)‏ CUSTOMER SATISFACTION (Competent Workforce, delivering quality)‏ NEW HR MANDATE DEVELOPMENT OF HR WORKFORCE (Competency Planning, & Development )‏

Need for HR Value – Changing Dynamics :

Need for HR Value – Changing Dynamics Change in internal environment Change in external environment Company focus Nature of work Employee profile Employee aspiration Competition Technology Globalization Local & foreign regulations

Role of HR Professionals:

Role of HR Professionals The Past The Future Operational Monitor Short term Administrative Reactive Activity focus Strategic Partner Long term Consultative Proactive Solution focus

Emerging Roles for HR Professionals:

Emerging Roles for HR Professionals Human Capital Developer Functional Expert Employee Advocate Strategic Partner HR Leader

Evolution of HR Roles :

Evolution of HR Roles Now onwards…. Till now…. Employee Champion Administrative Expert Change Agent Strategic Partner Employee Advocate (EA), Human Capital (HC) Developer Functional Expert Strategic Partner Strategic Partner Leader M.L.PANDIA

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