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AMAZING MEALS THAT ARE UNDER 400 CALORIES - COOKER RECIPES TO CONSIDER DURING THE HOLIDAYS At Skinny Vitamins we care about eating healthy and you should too. So here our top recipes of you can eat that are less than 400 caliries. The beauty of slow-cooker recipes is it takes less effort and time to prepare them so you don’t have to spend most of your time in kitchen. Here a few slow-cooker recipes you should look to explore: 1. SLOW COOKER ITALIAN TURKEY MEATBALLS | SKINNYTASTE: This recipe is more of sides and starters. You can make the most succulent meatballs in your neighbourhood by you adding some shredded zucchini and you don’t even have to fry or bake this time just throw the meatballs in with the sauce watch them cook together and you will have the most succulent meatballs when they are cooked. 2. CROCK POT PUMPKIN RED LENTIL CHILI | SKINNY TREATY: This recipe is also classed among sides and starters. It is a vegetarian recipe spiked with some healthy spicing

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to keep it interesting and really tasty. Best part is with 10 minutes you’ll be ready to serve this dish. 3. CROCK POT QUINOA PILAF | SKINNY COTTER CRUNCH: This is very much the kind of meal you serve as a main course. It features golden bleets broccoli and cranberries. With feta and sunflower seeds garnishing you will have a very colourful vegetarian dish to serve the family with. And its gluten free to. 4. SLOW COOKER GARLIC CHICKEN | SKINNY COOKING LIGHT: This also makes for a main course dish. Here you have a pan fried garlic chicken thrown in to slow-cook with wine cognac and thyme. When finally cooked you can make a choice between mixing this delicacy with some brown rice or dig in if you please. 5. SLOW COOKER PUMPKIN STREUSEL COFFEE CAKE | AMY’S HEALTHY BAKING: Even deserts can get in the slow-cooker. How does a moist delicate pumpkin coffee cake with a thick cinnamon oat streusel topping sound to you Certainly awesome I suppose. At Skinny Vitamins we care about food but healthy foods and bringing you recipes like this is what we do amongst producing vitamins. Skinny Vitamins is caffeine and gluten free vegan friendly and great tasting. Keep your energy levels on point the all-natural way. Click here to read more we also create our all-natural weight loss gummies. We have a lot more to offer just visit us on our website

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