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Understand Hormone Therapy For Menopause Menopause can be a life-altering stage for women bringing about major internal changes. Modern hormone therapy can be said to be the most beneficial due to the variety of ways that the hormones can be taken. Read about them here.

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Current hormone therapy for menopause can be highly beneficial for women and its benefits greatly outweigh the risks. Long gone are the days when the only hormone therapy option for women in menopause were medicines based on horse hormones. North American Menopause Society suggests for three points to be taken into consideration when starting hormone therapy:

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1 2 3 The hormone therapy is most beneficial if started within the first ten years of menopause and if the women are younger than 60. The hormone therapy needs to be planned and tailored according to the woman’s needs and specifics of her situation. It is essential to consider menopause onset woman’s medical history the possibility of other options etc. The choice of the hormone therapy type needs to be made in agreement with the woman in question her entire situation health history and personal preferences.

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Let’s look into different options for the hormone therapy available today.

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Estrogen in the form of a Pill Being the most common option it is usually a matter of taking a pill. A lot of these pills are created by extracting and synthesizing estrogen from different sources. This process is so well that es- trogens are identical to those that are typically produced by your ovaries. However estrogen can be quite tricky on your endometrium so you need some progesterone to protect it.

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Estrogen Applied Vaginally This hormone therapy is the best option for women who have their uterus intact as it releases lower doses of estrogen in the bloodstream so there is a reduced risk of issues with your endometrium. Vaginal estrogen therapy is applied when menopausal symptoms like dryness or painful intercourse are the most present in the vaginal area.

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Estrogen Applied Through Skin Transdermal application of estrogen can be a better option if you suffer from headaches and migraines. Estrogen is released into your system via patches creams sprays and other options through the skin. In this way the dosage of estrogen is more steady. It doesn’t overburden your liver and it doesn’t cause your bad cholesterol to rise.

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When the dosage of your estrogen is too high you need to outweigh it with some progesterone or progestin. In that way you are effectively protecting the lining of your uterus. Estrogen can cause severe issues and pre-cancerous conditions. However if your doctor suggests hormone therapy ensures that the combination of estrogen and progestogen is right for you.

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