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6 TYPES OF ACNE AND THEIR TREATMENTS There are dierent types of acne and dierent causes for it. So to be able to treat acne better it is important for you to know what acne you are dealing with. Learn about 6 types of acne and how to treat them This is the regular red pimple. It occurs due to an excess amount of dead skin cells and material buildup which starts spreading out to other skin areas. Treatment: Remove the build up + Salicylic acid Ordinary pimple The dead skin cells sometimes get sticky and block the sebum production and bacteria starts to grow. Treatment: Salicylic acid to reduce stickiness of the dead cells + benzoyl peroxide to reduce overpopula tion of bacteria. Early acne These are clogged pores that are closed at the skin surface. Treatment: Glycolic Acid + topical antibiotics Whiteheads When white skin cells enter the bacteria infected pimple a pus is formed. Treatment: Salicylic acid + drying lotion + healing mask Pustule To know in detail about acne formation and treatments you can consult our dermatologist and estheticians at Skinn Bar Medical Spa. Book your appointments today Microcomedone Inflammatory papule Cysts are painful. The excessive buildup spills into surrounding tissue which causes scarring and bleeding. Treatment: Doctor prescribed Accutane. Cyst or Nodule Open dead skin cell pores that are oxidized. Treatment: Salicylic acid + retinol based products Blackheads

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