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Anti Aging Korean Skin Care Products When choosing an anti-aging skin care product you should try to collect as many ‘testimonials’ or ‘evidences’ as you can. Make sure that the skin care product is produced by a reputable and renowned clinic or cosmetic manufacturer. Secondly always read the ingredient label. There are at least four important ingredients that our skin requires effective anti-aging treatment and prevention. First is retinol. What is retinol Retinol is the pure and active form of vitamin A. Retinol has become well known over the years as the main skincare ingredient which is effective for preventing and overcoming signs of skin aging. In fact retinol is the gold standard against which the efficacy of other anti-aging ingredients is measured. Retinol is reliable for its capacity to accelerate and increase skin cell renewal elastin production and collagen production. Increased new collagen and elastin smoothes and firms the skin and fills in wrinkles and fine lines. A new generation of retinol products provides greater stability and effectiveness than ever before most retinol products losing efficacy after only several months. For more knowledge about retinol and the proper treatment of your skin problems it is strongly advised to have a consultation with an appropriately trained beauty therapist or cosmetic physician. Second are vitamins C and E. Vitamin C is also called “ascorbic acid”. Less effective synthetic derivatives of vitamin C are used by many companies as they are easier to stabilize. Always check the ingredient label for “ascorbic acid”. Vitamins C and E work hand in hand as antioxidants to neutralize reactive oxygen species ROS sometimes called “free radicals” generated by UV light pollution and cigarette smoke exposure.ROS damage the natural fatty acids and oils DNA and proteins in our skin. They also reduce the immunity of the skin and combined with DNA damage make us more prone to develop skin cancer. Vitamin C has several effects that vitamin E does not possess: it stimulates new collagen production reduces pigmentation in dark skin spots stimulates the production of moisturizing ceramides and smoothes texture. Make sure that you choose skin care products that contain vitamins C and E to improve your skin and also to protect your skin from premature aging.

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Third is vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 also called niacinamide or nicotinamide is also needed to keep the skin in optimal condition. Vitamin B3 stimulates increased ceramides and moisturization increased collagen production and decreases excess blotchy pigmentation. Additionally it decreases excessive redness and sallowness of the skin. In our thirties the production of collagen decreases and there is gradual decreased skin firmness and flexibility. Wrinkles fine lines crows feet and loss of elasticity appear. By applying treatment products that contain vitamin B3 on your skin you will enhance the results you achieve. Fourth is sunscreen. Protection from ultraviolet rays is a ‘must’ every time go outdoors. Broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF15+ or higher gives you the best protection from UVA and UVB rays. Damage from UV exposure accumulates in the skin to progressively destroy its structure and also eventually lead to skin cancer. You may choose a separate sunscreen and moisturizer or a combined product. Before you decide to buy anti-aging Korean skin care products please remember to check the ingredients to search for at least the four mentioned above. These ingredients which form the basis of effective skin care have stood the test of time. Do not be fooled by the marketing of trendy science fiction type ingredients that regularly come and then go as quickly as they came. Email: Phone: 46 709930427 Follow Us On: Facebook Instagram

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