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E-SPONSIBILITY: Student Copyright & Plagiarism:

E-SPONSIBILITY: Student Copyright & Plagiarism SIN AE KIM

What is Plagiarism?:

Definition: “The unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s original work” [dictionary.com] What is Plagiarism? pla·gia·rism [ pley-juh-riz-uhm , - jee -uh- riz -]


698 undergraduate students did a survey on internet plagiarism: 87.5% admitted they plagiarized INTERNET PLAGIARISM : COLLEGE

Out of the 87.5% …:

Out of the 87.5% …

CONSENQUENCES: Within a University: :

Receive a “0” Fail the class Reports written on transcript Get suspended or Expulsion CONSENQUENCES: Within a University:


Reimburse money for the profit the owner lost Fines differ from $100 - $250,000 Imprisonment differs from 1- 10 years CONSEQUENCES: Within Court

What can TEACHERS do ?:

Fully inform the students : Consequences What plagiarism is considered as Teaching students proper citation and MLA format What can TEACHERS do ?

What can STUDENTS do ?:

Cite the source : MLA FORMAT and/or BIBLIOGRAPHY Quote everything that’s copied Never copy ideas or work that is not your own What can STUDENTS do ?

Spotting Plagiarism : For Teachers:

TURNITIN.COM & WRITECHECK.COM Spotting Plagiarism : For Teachers

Plagiarism Preventers:

Internet sources that teaches how to cite correctly EASYBIB.COM : Learning how to cite correctly NOODELTOOLS.COM : Leads to many websites among the subject (citing) Plagiarism Preventers

Online Plagiarism Out of Control:

Online Plagiarism Out of Control


The thought of "one sentence" of someone else's work won't do harm can ruin your academic career CONCLUSION


“What is Plagiarism” http :// dictionary.reference.com/browse/plagiarism “Internet Plagiarism” & “Out of the 87.5” : http://turnitin.com/static/resources/documentation/turnitin/sales/Turnitin_FAQ_Questions_and_Answers.pdf Consenquences http :// www.buzzle.com/articles/plagiarism-consequences-in-college.html Consenquences 2 http:// www.ehow.com/about_6385612_legal-consequences-plagiarism.html BIBLIOGRAPHY

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