Fire Extinguisher Servicing and Installation

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SK Fire Protection offers an array of services to ensure your business is following the best procedures and policies. Fire prevention is very important to protect your employees, customers and your business materials.


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Fire Extinguisher Servicing and Installation Fire extinguishers that are up to date and properly installed offer a great resource. Hopefully there will never be a fire but should there be people need access to them. Such equipment needs to be serviced annually too. Hiring an expert to ensure this is all taken care of allows you to not worry about it. You will have peace of mind you have what you need in place. A fire can spread rapidly and fire extinguishers that don’t work or that are too old aren’t going to help. In a moment where the clock is ticking a person needs to be able to reach for such a device and count on it to help them. Make sure you carefully select who will do this for you. They should follow up each year too so that the next inspection doesn’t fall through the cracks. Installation A professional can evaluate your location and make sure you have fire extinguishers where you should. The proper locations and the right number of them will make a difference when it comes to accessibility. They need to be placed in convenient to reach areas but also out of the way. Securing them in place also makes a difference. Fire extinguishers that are rolling around are going to get damaged. This is going to reduce their effectiveness when it is time to use them. As a precaution they should be secured in place so they aren’t able to move around at all. An expert will know how to secure them so they stay in place. Yet at the same time a person who needs to use one will be able to access it easily. If you don’t have any in place you need to get an expert in there to add them right away. You are taking a huge risk to not have them available. Perhaps you just don’t know how many you should have. Don’t worry they can help you with spacing them out accordingly. Older fire extinguishers may need to be replaced with those that offer the better technology.

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Servicing All fire extinguishers should be inspected annually. They should be fully evaluated to make sure they aren’t damaged or leaking. The pins should be checked and the gauges. If all is found to be well a document can be signed that verifies what was inspected when and by whom. Should there be any issues found the have to be resolved right away. Don’t wait because a fire can happen at any time. If you put such needs at the bottom of the list there may be a fire before you get to it. This can hold you accountable if there wasn’t a good fire extinguisher for someone to use at that time. The fact that you were aware of it and didn’t resolve it holds you liable. Any time a fire extinguisher is dropped or it has been used it needs to be inspected. If it is dropped it should be checked over for damages. Make sure you check it again in a few days in case it had a slow leak. If it was used it should be both inspected and refilled. If there are any concerns it should be replaced. Make sure you find an expert you can count on for all your fire extinguisher servicing and installation needs. This will help you do your part to make sure your facility has the proper items in place and they work like they should. Do all you can to lower the risk of a fire but also make sure you have such equipment ready to go in the event of one. About Us: SK Fire Protection offers an array of services to ensure your business is following the best procedures and policies. Fire prevention is very important to protect your employees customers and your business materials. Sadly most businesses fail to realise the steps they can take relating to prevention. It is only after a fire has occurred that they learn what they could have done differently. Our services are designed to help you create the best environment for overall safety from fires. They also ensure you have evacuation plans in place functional fire extinguishers and so much more. Contact us today to see what we can do to help your business. Our services are also found here

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