Proper Extinguisher Testing Can Help Save Lives


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We are an established London based fire safety specialist offering a variety of fire safety services throughout the UK. With offices in Strategic locations such as Birmingham, Nottingham, London and Lincoln, we can serve all businesses Nationwide. With a large client base including Blue Chip companies You can be assured of the best possible service. Visit:


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Proper Extinguisher Testing Can Help Save Lives The key reason that you have fire fighting safety in place at your company is to calm a fire before it reaches out of control levels. These devices should only be used in the case of a limited risk exiting the building and alerting officials as soon as possible should always be your priority. However this equipment can be used at the beginning of the emergency when flames are just beginning to lower the chances of a blazing flames. They can also help save lives if needed during one of these emergencies. Though having safety precautions in place can give you peace of mind they should be tested regularly to ensure proper use before an emergency begins. Over time items like extinguishers can become damaged or need replaced. You do not want to find out which of your devices is broken when it is too late. Hiring a specialist

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company to do this servicing is the best way to keep your equipment in working condition and your business safe. Luckily for UK based businesses there are several specialist companies that are highly experienced and have specialty knowledge when it comes to fire safety. This routine testing should be completed every year however a more advanced or full service test should be carried out every five years. During the annual testing they will check to ensure that each of your devices are working properly. This is done by looking over the pressure seals and ensuring there was not any tampering with the device. During the five-year servicing the extinguishers will be looked at more thoroughly to ensure they are in the best condition possible. At this time they will dispel the device make sur it is working then refill it properly. This can extend the life of the device restoring it to the best working condition possible. It also helps you know that your devices are able to be used if an emergency was to arise. Though there are many specialist who can handle these servicing needs you wan to ensure that they can service the types of extinguishers you have present. Depending on your type of business you should have different devices in place to handle the fires that could erupt. For example many chemicals would not require a simple water device as this could increase the flames. If you have questions regarding purchasing new equipment and the exact types you need the specialist you hire should be able to guide you with these endeavors as well. Something else that you may want to inquire about when hiring a specialist is proper training on how to use this equipment. Extinguishers should only be used during the very early stages of a fire when it is still manageable. It is recommended

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that you stand at least one metre away from the flames and spray according to the training you have been give. Depending on the type of fire this may be you will spray differently making training for your specific business very important. It is important to remember that doing our best to avoid disaster is ideal but keeping out all bad instances is simply not possible. Though you can do everything to lower your risks something as simple as a piece of paper can begin a flame. Having the best devices possible on site can help put out any flames before the spread and truly save your business. The results of a full disaster can lead to months of rebuilding or repairs expensive and lengthy insurance claims no or lowered income and sadly even the loss of lives around you. About Us: S K Fire Protection is a UK based fire safety company with over sixty years of experience. They offer quality highly trained fire safety and equipment specialist services to companies nationwide. They service companies of all sizes and offer personalized caring service to everyone they work with. Through dedication to their work and many satisfied customers they have built an outstanding reputation. You can see examples of their work in several major companies and through many large events such as the Crabbies Grand National and the London Olympics. To learn more about their fire safety procedures contact them today.

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