mangrove ecosystems

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What is…:

What is… Tall and strong Has tough knees Is a great protector Nurtures others

Mangrove Ecosystems & Biodiversity:

Mangrove Ecosystems & Biodiversity

Mangroves are…:

Mangroves are… Write your definition of what a mangrove is! Mangroves: Coastal forests found in sheltered estuaries and along river banks in the tropics and subtropics. The term mangrove describes both the ecosystem and the plant families that have developed specialized adaptations to live in the tidal environment.

Words to Consider…:

Words to Consider… Estuary- A body of water formed when freshwater rivers and streams flow into the ocean mixing with saltwater Brackish- A mixture of salt and freshwater Pneumatophore- Pencil- like extensions of the subterranean root system that rise from the ground and extend a long distance from the parental tree Hydrophobic- Lacking an affinity for water Hydrophillic - Having an affinity for water


Distribution Annotate your map!

PowerPoint Presentation:

The Importance of Mangroves How does your object relate to mangroves?

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Why Mangroves are valuable

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Threats to Mangroves

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Mangrove Conservation Current Practices - Reforestation -Legal Action -Education NGO’s that promote mangrove conservation Mangrove Action Project Watamu Turtle Watch

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Works Cited “The world’s mangroves 1980-2005”. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Rome, Italy 2007.

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