Tropical Rainforests

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Tropical Rainforests :

Tropical Rainforests By Nabila & Qwanza

What is a Rainforest ?:

What is a Rainforest ? A rainforest is an area that has dense vegetation with high annual amounts of rainfall. An average of 50 to 260 inches (125 to 660 cm.) of precipitation in form of rain. Temperature in a rain forest rarely gets higher than 93 °F (34 °C) or drops below 68 °F (20 °C ) at an altitude of 0-1000 m above sea level. A verage humidity is between 77 and 88 %


GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION OF TROPICAL RAINFORESTS Usually l ocated 5° north and south of the Equator I n Central America around the Amazon River basin . Africa - Zaire basin, with a small area in West Africa; also eastern Madagascar . Indo-Malaysia - west coast of India, Assam, Southeast Asia, New Guinea and Queensland, Australia .

Vegetation Present:

Vegetation Present Over 750 species of trees, 1500 kinds of flowering plants. The vegetation found in rain forests has layers; Forest floor, understory layer, canopy layer and the emergent layer. Emergent layer are the tallest trees , these reach around 200 ft. A lot of sunlight. Animals such as eagles, monkeys and bats are found here. Canopy layer: This layer is like the roof of the forest. Also many animals live here since there is a lot of food. Snakes, toucans and tree frogs . Understory layer: Plants in this area reach around 12 feet. Not much sunlight reaches here, but most animals live here – jaguars, insects, frogs etc . Forest floor, no sunlight reaches here it is very dark and as a result not many plants grow. The rate at which matter decomposes is very fast. (A leaf in a normal environment may take around a year to decay while in a rainforest, it will only take around 6weeks.)

The layout of Tropical Rainforests:

The layout of Tropical Rainforests

Food web 1 :

Food web 1

Food web 2:

Food web 2

Human Impacts affecting the Tropical Rainforests:

Human Impacts affecting the Tropical Rainforests This biome is one of the most endangered biomes. It faces dangers from clear cutting often done to collect timber for the every growing demand in the world and create land for agriculture and housing. the animals of the rain forest have faced habitat loss as land and their “homes” are being cleared . This causing their population to decline thus many rainforest animals are now endangered. e.g. Jaguars, Gorillas, Orangutans,Tulcans, Parrots

The Amazon right now and soon to be extinct animals:

The A mazon right now and soon to be extinct animals

Bibliography :

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