Strategic marketing planning process

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Strategic marketing planning process: 

Strategic marketing planning process A knowledge based & IT support methode with local n global marketing best practice approach

Marketer : 

Marketer Everybody in the corporation were a MARKETER The Top Fortune 500 were a Marketer And even Bill Gates is a Marketer He was...... Marketer better than Corruptors

Situation analysis: 

Situation analysis Pictures of our presences : Do we already optimalize opportunities ? Do we already able to create an opportunities by our own ? Do we have an ability to identify the opportunities ? What’s is growth rate of our Market share ? What’s was a number of incremental company wealth ?

Marketing : 

Marketing What is Marketing ? Are we already have a system ? But we do have a spirits of eternal flames>>>>

Our Marketing: 

Our Marketing Knowing well our business : Marketing is an a corporate interface with the market Marketing is collectibility of common senses, is an art and a sciences

Modern Marketing Route map in competitive situation: 

Modern Marketing Route map in competitive situation Key concepts n steps

Value proposition: 

Value proposition As an competitive advantages : Operational Excellence Product Leaderships = Customer intimacy

The Road ahead =Planning=phase 1: 

The Road ahead =Planning=phase 1 Strategic Marketing plan process : Market mapping Market segmentation Marketing planning & strategy

The Road ahead =implementation= phase 2: 

The Road ahead =implementation= phase 2

The Road ahead =Control= phase 3: 

The Road ahead =Control= phase 3 CRM : Salesforce automation Marketing Automation Web Force

Project schedule: 

Project schedule

Our Marketing atmosphere: 

Our Marketing atmosphere

Knowing well ourself: 

Knowing well ourself B2B : Key aspects