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Introduction : 

Introduction Structured & unstructured information Management of unstructured information

What is an Office? : 

What is an Office? An Office Receives information Records and stores information Structures information Processes information Provides access to information

Components of an office : 

Components of an office People Machines Paper Documents Procedures

Nature of Office Work : 

Nature of Office Work Information workers Types – Managerial, Non-managerial and Professional Types of Office work:- 1.Document creation and preparation. 2.Information / Document storage 3.Information / Document retrieval 4.Communication 5.Meetings 6.Reading mail. 7.Decision making 8. Information dissemination

Need for Office Automation : 

Need for Office Automation Storage space Cost of processing Paper Cost

What is Office Automation? : 

What is Office Automation? Office automation refers to the use of integrated computer and communication systems to support administrative procedures in an office environment.

Information Technology: Trends and Economics : 

Information Technology: Trends and Economics Computers responsible for automation Office systems development * Office system study * Office system design * Office system development * Office system implementation * Office system maintenance Office Views * Based on office activities * Based on office functions

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